Toothache Home Remedies


A toothache is one of the worst pains that a human being can experience. Toothache is associated with pain occurring in the region of the teeth, jaws or gums. A toothache can occur due to several reasons like decayed and exposed teeth, cracked teeth or diseases of the gums. Toothache can manifest itself in different forms, ranging from mild, medium to severe. It can be intermittent or continuous. There is no knowing when toothache can strike. Therefore it is highly desirable to have some handy home remedies ready for just such a situation, especially due to the fact that it is quite common for toothache to appear in the middle of the night when no dentist is available.

Natural Home Remedies for Toothache

Sometimes, it is not possible to take the medication prescribed by a dentist as in the case of pregnancy or allergic reactions to certain drugs. However, it may be emphasized here that unless certain unique conditions exist, the most desirable course of action would be a visit to the dentist. The home remedies here may not suit everyone, and in any case, should be considered as first-aid, which should be administered until a qualified dentist is available. Here are a few natural home remedies for toothache:

  • Garlic: This is by far one of the most popular home remedies for toothache. Take a clove of garlic and a small quantity of rock salt and place it on the afflicted tooth. This will cause some relief to pain. Some have even claimed that it cured the toothache entirely.
  • Cloves: Cloves are very effective in causing relief for toothache. It is recommended that a clove should be chewed each morning. Clove oil is also commercially available in the market and can be applied to aching teeth. If used regularly, cloves can make teeth strong and healthy.
  • Onion: This is a modern remedy. Onions are rich in sodium, Vitamins B12 and E and also low in calories. Thus, chewing raw onions regularly will contribute to healthier teeth and fewer toothaches. Onions have been proved to have bactericidal powers. If you chew onions for three minutes, all the bacteria in your mouth will get killed.
  • Lime: As another alternative you can suck a raw lime. It is rich in vitamin C and results in healthy teeth.
  • Wheat Grass Juice: The juice of wheat grass is an effective mouthwash and prevents tooth decay. Alternatively, wheat grass can be chewed. Wheat grass removes toxins from the gums and combats bacterial growth which leads to tooth decay.
  • Asafoetida: It is a good remedy for toothache. Asafoetida is ground along with some lemon juice and then heated gently. The warm solution is applied to the painful area tooth cavity. This should provide instant relief from pain.

Toothache – Dos and Don’ts

  1. Do follow a proper diet to prevent tooth decay and toothache.
  1. Do eat plenty of raw vegetables and fresh fruit.
  1. Do consume a fair quantity of dairy products as they are a natural source of calcium which helps to strengthen the teeth.
  1. Don’t snack too often as this leads to acid accumulation.
  1. Don’t eat too many sweets, as these are a major cause of tooth decay.
  1. Don’t miss out brushing your teeth twice a day.
  1. Do practice oral hygiene in consultation with your dentist.
  1. Do visit your dentist regularly – at least every six months.


The old saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure”. Therefore, by following the recommended procedures as listed above, one can definitely have strong, healthy teeth and can hopefully avoid toothache.