Toddlers and Napping Problems

Naps are an important part of a child’s day – as well as a parent’s. Naps give toddlers the rest they need and their parents a chance to do important jobs around the house. If a toddler doesn’t get enough sleep to recharge his/her batteries, life can be quite difficult for everyone around them. Here are a few reasons why naps are critical to youngsters.

Importance of Naps

  • Conserving Energy: Napping helps young children to conserve energy which is used when then have growth spurts. Sleeping is very important for young children.
  • Natural Nap Cycles: babies sleep over 15 hours a day and eventually outgrow the habit as they grow older.
  • Know when to Nap: Kids tend to get naturally fussy when they are tired and rub their eyes. This will be a cue to parents.
  • Creating the Environment: Make sure to have them in the same place every day and that they stay put. That way they will sleep regardless of the distractions and events taking place around them.
  • Napping in Strollers/Car Seats: This is not a great idea to do all the time. They could get hurt due to the straps and buckles on these items.
  • Flexible Nap schedule: Parents should not get too hung up with schedules – let the kids take shorter naps at different times as needed. Nap time shouldn’t rule a parent’s schedule.
  • Parents should make sure that children go to bed at the same time to keep a regular schedule.
  • Some families have routines like reading a book or telling stories. This is a good method to make the child feel comfortable and settled before they fall asleep.
  • It is also a good idea to monitor what the children eat or drink as some foods can trigger hyperactivity in a toddler.