Toddlers Age

A child who learns how to walk is called a toddler. Toddler’s age ranges between the ages of 1 and 3. Different children progress at different speeds and there is a lot of variation in the early years. There are several changes which take place in the life of a toddler in these few years. Here we take a look at the stages of development in a toddler’s age and how to deal with them during this period.

Milestones in Development

In toddler’s age, development takes place in innumerable different areas both physical and mental. Here is a description of the broad categories:

  • Physical Development: The child shows a marked increase in size and there is up to three times the increase in body weight.
  • Gross Motor Development :There is an improvement in the controlling of large muscles which control how the child walks, runs, jumps and climbs.
  • Fine Motor Development: The toddlers learn to feed themselves, manipulate objects and draw.
  • Vision Development: There is a change in the way the child sees distant and near objects and how they are perceived.
  • Hearing and Speech Development: The toddler hears and receives information and is able to listen, that is, interpret sounds and speech. The toddler also becomes aware of the use of language and starts to understand and use basic words.

Toddler Tantrums

In toddler’s age, tantrums are a prominent feature. A tantrum is a sudden fit of anger, often for no reason or an invalid one. Tantrums in toddlers occur due to their desire to assert independence and frustration when they are not able to completely achieve the desirable results.

Handling Toddlers

Toddler’s age is a very sensitive age where a balance has to be reached between letting them get their own way and getting them to do the correct thing. There are several books on how to handle toddlers and also much material available on the internet. Toddler’s age is a very awkward age but also an enjoyable time as pleasure can be derived from sharing each milestone as the toddler grows into a unique individual.