Toddler Toys

The stage of development in toddlers is a very crucial one. Toddlers are no longer babies and they are raring to go with amazing high energy levels. They need carefully-chosen toys which will contribute to their overall physical and mental development. While not stressing too much on the teaching aspect, toddler toys should be entertaining to the child and at the same time, educational.

Shapes and Sizes

This type of toy is for the very young. The simplest of these toys can be differently-shaped blocks which fit into matching cavities. The blocks can be color-coded as well which will familiarize the toddler with different colors.


These toddler toys consist of cars or animals mounted on wheels which are to be pulled along with a string. The child will spend hours just pulling the toy around the house, thus encouraging the child to walk as well as developing motor skills as she navigates the toy around various objects and obstructions in the house.

Cooking Sets

For older toddlers, cooking sets form the ideal toddler toys for girls although is not unknown for boys to join in the fun as well.

Building Blocks

These are favorites for all ages of toddlers, both boys and girls. The child will derive great pleasure from just building a stack of blocks and then knocking them down and starting all over again. This is again a good toddler game for developing coordination of the limbs

Soft Toys and Dolls

Among toddler toys, these are a sure-shot hit. While dolls are more girl-oriented toys (but don’t be surprised to see a boy absorbed in playing with his sister’s dolls), soft toys are more of a unisex concept. A toddler will usually have a favorite soft toy which will be a companion over a number of years.

Ride-on Toys

Some toys are made for the toddler to ride on such as tricycles and rocking horses and so on. These toddler toys can be used by more than one toddler as they can take turns in pushing each other around.