Toddler Development

The term “toddler development” seems so unassuming but in actual fact the subject is so vast that it is difficult to describe it in just a few words. There are infinite aspects to this stage of child development. Here we take a look at just a few aspects of toddler development.

Beginning to Walk

This is the first and most obvious stage in toddler development. Almost seventy-five percent children take their first steps at about 13 months, although many children will start walking much later, at 18 months or more. The child first begins to walk by taking support of the walls and furniture.

Exploration and Investigation

The entire day of the toddler at this stage is an adventure-packed discovery tour. The child will try to reach all the corners of the house and take great satisfaction in reaching there. Encouragement will be appreciated even for achieving the smallest conquests.

Eating Habits

As the toddler progresses, there will be a marked decrease in appetite and the growth rate slows down. During this period, the toddler develops likes and dislikes in food.

Holding Objects

This is a stage of natural curiosity I toddler development. The child starts to make visual contact with various objects and derives great pleasure in holding and manipulating them. Most bite-sized articles, edible or inedible find their way into the mouth. Small objects should be kept out of reach due to choking hazards.


The communication skills develop very rapidly. The toddler begins to recognize words and learns to use them and to associate them with what they stand for. For example the child will say “bow-wow” and point to a dog. Due to this reason, the child needs to be spoken to. Toddlers tend to be quite chatty and they get great pleasure from conversing with each other or an older person.

Personality Development

Emergence of the child as an individual is also a prominent part of toddler development. The child will start to exhibit various emotions such as possessiveness, anger and temper tantrums. If left alone, the child will exhibit temper tantrums.