Toddler Colors

Colors are beautiful and bright. It makes people lively and fun-filled, so is the case with children and toddlers. Toddlers learn to recognize colors at eighteen months of age. Therefore, at this age, it’s very important for parents to make their child recognize, learn and differentiate between colors. There are few basic yet easy steps through which you can do so.

Step 1: Buy and read books that are colorful and bright. Since this is the age when children learn new things, it is best to make them learn bright colors first since their eyes are attracted towards bright things and their brain has the capacity to retain loud things. Once toddlers learn bright colors, make them recognize hues and be able to differentiate among the darks and the lights. Read them poems showing pictures and ask them the colors. This is the most common way to make your toddler learn colors.

Step 2: Since bright colors like red, orange, green, gold, yellow, fluorescent and others attract the eye balls of toddlers, their majority of toys must belong to the same color family.

Step 3: Give your toddler a chance to choose what color to wear. Ask him/her “Which color shirt are you going to wear today”, or what color toy he/she is going to play with today. In short, make your child speak about colors often times in a day.

Step 4: While out for shopping, point out colors to your child like in a grocery store or at the florist. Or just go to a park for limitless options of colors.

Step 5: Play games that involve a lot of colors. Building blocks, paints, colored balloons are a great option for this.

Through these fundamental steps, you can easily make your child learn colors and also make him/her differentiate among dark colors and hues. In addition to this, it is also prominent to keep a review of what your toddler has learnt. A check must be maintained on whether the child has confusion learning or identifying colors.

We always believe in not maintaining monotony, but in this case, it is infact good. The more often a child sees a particular color, the more likely are chances of his/her remembering and recognizing colors. Do not criticize your child if he/she is unable to recognize colors because every child has different learning capabilities, hence they take time to learn.