Toddler Clothes

Dealing with a toddler is an extremely precarious task. As compared with an infant, a toddler is infinitely more developed. Toddlers usually fall under the age group of one to three. The personality of the child begins to form, particular tastes begin to develop and choice of clothing is no exception. Here are a few tips on how and what to choose while shopping for toddler clothes.

Know your Child

If you take notice of your toddler’s clothes, you will probably see a particular pattern in the child’s choice of garments. Your child is likely to have some reason for their preference which would be probably based on the type of cloth, colours and so on.

Natural Versus Synthetic

The ratio of natural fiber versus synthetic is important. Cotton is more comfortable than synthetic but is more expensive and less durable. An ideal choice of material would be a mix of cotton and synthetic, rather than purely synthetic material.


Toddler clothes should be easy to maintain. They tend to get dirty very frequently and it is possible to change a toddler’s clothes two to three times a day. Therefore, it is important to choose fabric that will wash well. Avoid fabrics like silk and wool which need regular dry cleaning.

Climate Considerations

In order for your child to be comfortable in her clothes, you should choose them to suit the local climate. No matter how cute your little girl may look in that pink frock with spaghetti straps, if the mercury starts plummeting, you’d better dive into the closet for last year’s woolies.

Flame-Proof Fabrics

According to the Flammable Fabrics Act, 1953, all children’s clothing should be treated with flame retardant. Make sure that there is some indication of this on the garment because if not, you are not only putting the safety of your child at risk but are also breaking the law.

Personal Choice

Last but not the least, consider your toddler’s taste in colour, texture and design, because their choice is also important.