Toddler Biting

There are chances that some toddlers will bite other children – which can cause a lot of social problems. Biting can happen due to a number of reasons even with children who are otherwise gentle and easy going.

Why Children Bite

Understanding why they bite is the key to the problem. Most children don’t understand that they are hurting others by their actions.

Solutions to Biting

Psychologists believe that this is their way of communicating – and here are some reasons and solutions to handle this issue.

Expression of Emotion:

Children have intense feelings just like adults and this may be their way of showing their love.


This is a way for children to figure out how the body works – they always put things in their mouth and bite impulsively. This could also mean that they are teething.


This could be their way of defending themselves when they feel threatened or anxious. It could be a way of establishing a safe zone for themselves.


Sometimes this is a method to get their way in a particular situation. They could also be looking for attention – even if it is negative.


If the child is playing in a group and wants a particular toy, they may bite to get it back. Children, when faced with stressful situations may bite others.

How To Stop It

When faced with such situations, stay calm and react fast so that children are made aware that their actions are wrong.


Pay attention to triggers which cause such behavior. There will be signs from the children that they are going to do something. Take them away from the situation so that they cannot bite.

Teaching that it is Wrong:

Make sure to explain in simple words that it is wrong to bite. Do it firmly and gently.

Teaching them Expression:

When things are calm and under control, teach them to use words and say what is bothering them. They should also feel free to come and find a parent in stressful situations without resorting to biting.