Toddler Activity Ideas

It is very important to keep your toddler engaged in any sort of activity as long as he/she learns. Since children learn most of the things during play, parents have an advantage of bonding with their children and add to their learning and development. Parents can plan something that interests their toddler to keep them occupied in toys and games besides learning. But sometimes parents too can run out of ideas. To avoid this, we have a whole lot of new and exciting ideas that are certain to keep your toddler occupied in fun-filled learning.

Here are few toddler activity ideas;

Shadow Tag:

On a bright sunny day, take your toddler out in an open area and run after shadows. You can make this more enjoyable by stepping on each other’s shadows or overlapping shadows or make faces using hands. This is certain to make your toddler laugh.

Guessing Game:

Through your fingertip, write an alphabet, number or name on your child’s back and invite them to guess what you have written. This activity is ticklish and makes your child laugh out loud but also a fun way to make them learn alphabets or numbers.

Plant Trees:

You can make your child learn planting trees, watering it every day and observe how it grows. This is though a long activity, the lesson to be learnt from it is growth and patience.

Making of Collage from Pictures:

You can collect pictures from newspapers, magazines and story books to make a collage of it. This will help your child how to assimilate, relate and learn from pictures.

Playground Activity:

Take your toddler out for a walk and carry some outdoor games along. Frisbee, catch-catch with a ball or just running around the ground will be fun-filled. Top it off with the food he/she likes to make it look like a picnic. This is sure to leave them excited for all day long.

Play Tug-of-War:

Play tug of war with your kid holding each end of the blanket or using a children’s bolster on a well-protected area. You lose sometimes and make her lose sometimes. This will make them aware of the game besides giving an idea of winning and losing.

Play Building Blocks:

Spread out all the blocks of the game and let your child make whatever he/she wants to. This way, you can assess his creativity and innovative ability. Teach them how the game works but have patience to not interrupt your child.

These are few of the toddler activity ideas to keep your toddler busy whilst making him/her learn things.