Toddler Activities

A child’s brain is often equated to soft form of clay: thoughtful and amenable. The infancy and early childhood is a phase where various neural developments take place which helps the child interact and perform with the surroundings and world. Therefore, this particular phase is the most crucial and critical time in the development t of the child. A child always seeks to learn and explore new things for which variety is most important since different kind of activities churn and stimulate the different nerves and centers of the brain.

For mothers with young ones, we assimilated a few toddler activities that will help in development of your child.

Hide and Seek Games

Young babies are born with a natural idea that the things present in their sight are the only things that exist. According to a scientific study, a child in his/her sixth month starts to believe that even if some objects are out of their sight, they do exist in their surroundings. To give this a push, the best method to encourage them is to hide their toys or objects under a blanket or scarf and mock-up finding it for the baby. This is followed by the baby doing the same activity besides enjoying it.

Toddlers who sharp possess a firm hold on the idea of permanence practice hiding the object under several blankets or scarves to learn if they can find it. Or alternatively, hide the object or their toy somewhere in the room and play a game to search that toy. These games promote their thinking capability by using problem-solving skills and when they succeed, toddlers become more confident in learning.

Reason and Result Activities

The activities of toddlers are to make them learn mostly by trial and error basis. To develop the experimental learning in toddlers, parents should provide their babies with toys that help their child to experiment and learn new things. Since toddlers need many toys around them to experiment and play with like cars, building blocks, shape and color rings; they keep playing with them until they figure out something new with the same old toys.

Other toddler activities include indulging them in creative work, language development, reasoning based games and other such activities. Allowing toddlers to watch television is strictly not advised or alternatively, you can spend time with the child making him show pictures on television also. Although this helps the brain accept new things, but it discourages the toddler to use his imaginative skills.