Toddler Activities Boston

Toddlers are active and like to play various games all day without getting tired. In this scenario, it becomes difficult for the parents to keep their child engaged in fun filled activities without creating monotony.

Boston is a self-contained place for toddlers. The beaches, museums and play-spaces like parks are certain to make infants happy for long hours. We have compiled a list of toddler activities to do in Boston. Read on to know more


Beaches in Boston are many but prominent among them are Malibu Beach and the Savin Beach- the favorite holiday and relaxing spot for families. These two beaches tender a great escape from the lights of the city for a more relaxed holiday. These beaches have guarded swimming areas, a bathhouse and special areas for toddlers to play. For older children and adults, there are ball fields nearby that present other activities as well. For peace of mind, these beaches are best for adults.


The Boston’s Children’s Museum is a house of knowledge for both older children as well as for toddlers with Play-space. The play area for infants also has waterbed to slot in crawling and climbing exploration.

Zoo Critters

There are many zoo’s in Boston and it’s likely that you will find your toddler’s favorite animal. For young people and young-at-heart people, the Make Way for Ducklings statue is a constant choice. The Swan Boats are available too to catch a view of these bronze sculptures since 1877 to give the viewers a graceful pedaled ride around the land mass. The beautiful bridges across the pond and a serene way of splurging fifteen minutes with your toddler will leave them overjoyed.

Puppet Theatre

The Puppet theatre might sound a little off-track but this non-profit organization is aimed at unveiling new people to the world and magic of puppetry. The puppet theatre has shows apt for people of all ages whilst considering bringing a consistent fresh new idea to the ancient art of puppetry. Children of age three and above are called to make their own shadow that is certain to be an amazing experience for your child.

Carousel Rides

During summers, the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway carousel is one of the most sought after places for a picnic. The rides here are open every day; so you can take your toddler for his amazing and enjoyment filled rides. In addition to this, there are clowns, jugglers, balloon artists and many other entertainers to make your toddler’s day fun-filled.