Toddler Activities At Home

Toddlers have a love for trying out new things, which often becomes complex for parents to come up with new innovative ideas to keep their child entertained and they end up running out of ideas and land themselves in doing repeated activities on a regular basis.

Making a Rain Stick

Wrapping paper is most commonly found in every house. This forms a fun filled crafts activity with empty tube, butter paper, rice and elastic bands to make a rain stick. Alternatively, one can also use an empty kitchen roll for a small sized rain stick.

Firstly, let your toddler deck up the tube by painting or sticking things on it or by covering it up with wrapping paper. Next step includes priming two circles of butter paper that are wee-bit wider than the tube. Glue one end of the tube by fixing the circle and lock it with an elastic band.

Third step includes adding ‘rain’. Since it is a rain stick, you can use material such as rice, small pasta shapes, shells or any other objects that makes a satisfactory rain sound. Once pouring of the material is done, seal the other end of the tube with a butter paper and secure it with an elastic band. Your rain stick is ready to be played with.

Pebble Pets

For doing this activity, ingredients required are paint, PVA glue and large and fairly round pebbles. First step is to mix the glue with paint to cover the entire pebble. Leave it for a couple of hours to dry. Once it dries; your toddler can paint spots and a face. Let it dry for a while and decorate with ribbons and stickers.

Play Dough

The ingredients to make dough are found in most of the homes. Mix one cup of flour with a teaspoon of salt and one teaspoon of tartar cream in a pan. Blend all the ingredients over medium heat and add one cup of water. Once it takes the form of a sticky ball, remove it from the heat. Let dry for few hours before permitting your toddler to play with it to make various shapes.

Blowing bubbles and treasure hunt also are toddler activities that can be done at home to keep your child happy for long hours. The basic aim of making toddler activities at home is to develop the learning and imaginative skills of your child.