How To Look Beautiful Tips For Women Clothing

All of us make an effort to look our best in special occasions or parties. But when it comes to day-to-day life, we some how tend to overlook our clothing and accessories. Here are a few tips for women clothing that will make you look chic always.

Basic clothing:

These are evergreen clothes that never go out of fashion and look great on everyone. Examples of basic clothing are: A pair of blue jeans (regular fit) with white button-down shirts to match, a well fitting black dress, a trench coat, sweaters in neutral shades, a pair of black or tan pants with proper fitting blazer.

Replace the gaps:

If your basic clothes get old, soiled or damaged, go for new ones rather than fixing or repairing them. These are clothes you wear very regularly so replace the gaps to look good.

Pep-up your style:

Once in a while it is good to revisit your style and go for a make over. Add some new styles to your wardrobe to avoid getting stereotyped. But that does not mean you stock all the must-haves that the latest magazine recommends. Go to a good store and try out a few new designs before you take the plunge.

Style for image:

Choose your style based on the image you want to maintain. Vintage styles for instance make you look serious while contemporary styles might give a more relaxed feel.

For the plus-size women:

first among the tips for women clothing in the plus-size category is –avoid loose clothing. Plus-size women usually choose loose clothes to hide the heavy areas. But in effect, they make them look bulkier. The simple solution is – take time to get the right fit for your shape. Customize if you have to.

For tall women:

The most important tips for women clothing under this category would be- do not try to underplay your height. It is an asset, so flaunt it.  Straight skirts with well fitted blouses look great on tall women. Pants with high waists look great, especially when paired with layered blouses or tops. If you have thin arms, wearing jackets or suits could be tricky. Pull the sleeves up to the elbows to create an illusion of fat.

For short women:

Petite women clothing should aim at creating the elongated effect. Wear straight pants that cover your shoes. Monochromatic (single colour) clothes will make you look slimmer and taller. Avoid thick fabric especially around the waist as it adds to the volume. Minimal vertical line patterns also create a slimmer line.
Finally the golden rule in tips for women clothing is, always wear clothes that fit you properly, neither tight nor loose, just perfect fit do the trick.

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