Winter Makeup

Winter is the dreaded season for those who love their skin very much. It is one of those seasons when wind and cold  can cause harm to your skin and make it become dried out and patchy. But with a little care, you can not only flaunt an enviable and most beautiful skin tone, and the perfect makeup can make you look more glamorous than your summer days.

Here are a few makeup tips for the winter:

Winter Care for the Whole Body

In winter, you have to pamper your whole body everyday if you want to look your best throughout the whole season. Massage the whole body with olive or coconut oil mixed with few drops of rose water every day before you go for bathing. This will keep your skin soft, supple and glowing. 

Don’t Forget to Use Sun-Screens 

The sun may seem nice and warm in the winter and may be sometimes you may get tempted to think that it is not as harmful as the summer days. But that’s not true. You have an equal chance of getting sun-burns in winter as in summer. 

Prevent Your Lips From Becoming Dried and Chapped 

This is a most common problem in winter and one of the gravest too. Cracked lips are hard to conceal, and they are ugly enough to ruin the most exotic makeup. Treat your lips with intense moisturizer all through the winter. You can also apply lipstick throughout the day. Some people prefer chap sticks, but lip glosses are known to work better. There are some water based lip glosses now in the market which are also a great choice. Whatever is your choice, be sure to apply it time to time throughout the day to prevent your lips from cracking. Use colours like berries and plums if you want to go a little experimental. Otherwise stick to your favourite wine shades. 

Choose the Right Shades of Makeup for the Months of Winter 

Always remember that nature has a different theme for the winter months, so different from the summer and spring months, - so should you. It is not about exhibiting the fun summer shades. Winter makeup is more about a 'barely there' look. Opt for neutral shades like light browns, grays, pinks, peaches, purples and mauves. Always be sure not to overdo it. However, opt for bolder colours and some shimmer at night. It is always better to highlight on one area of your face. If you are emphasizing your eyes, like, opting for a smoky eye look, don’t overdo the eye shadow, blush and the lipstick. 

Choose a Light Foundation While Doing Winter Makeup 

Use a moisturized foundation in winter which will be protecting and moisturizing your skin as well. A light and matt foundation will work just fine. If your compact has a slight shimmer, it is always better. 

Get a Little Bolder With Your Eye-Liner and Mascara Colours this Winter 

Instead of black or the neutral shades of mascara, try navy, burgundy, and auburn this season. This will certainly make your eyes look more subtle ad add depth to your eye lashes. You can use a chocolate brown instead of a charcoal liner to get more defined eyes this season of the year. 

Try Creamy Blush-On 

Winter makeup is about keeping your skin healthy and making your skin look as healthy as possible. A creamy blush-on will boost up your makeup and add that glow of health to your cheeks. Give yourself a fresh and radiant look this winter. Winter makeup is all about that. And also take care that you always have a complexion that can breathe, and bright, healthy skin. Make winter the most favourite season of the year for your skin with these winter makeup tips.