Tips For Face Makeup

Tips For Face Makeup

Face Makeup – Application

It is a right for every woman to look beautiful. Women use a lot of products and cosmetics to enhance her beauty and personality. A combination of all the cosmetics in general is termed as makeup. Makeup application represents your personality and hence it becomes necessary for you to know the art of its application. As with the application of cosmetics you feel polished and confident as it helps in enhancing the best feature of your face and also pushes up your feminine quotient.

You have to get yourself perfect with the techniques of makeup application so that your creativity and imaginations is reflected. If you learn to apply your makeup properly then you will not end up in making a cartoon of yourself. It is fact that cosmetics are the girl’s best friends and if applied skilfully the face changes from dull to alive, striking and bright.  All of us have different face structures and thus the makeup should be applied in such a way that it complements the exact shape of the face. An oval shape face is considered to be the perfect one and all it needs is shortening a bit at the forehead and chin with the help of a dark foundation so that it comes out to be more appealing and attractive. With the square and rectangular face shape you need to create an illusion of length. And with the use of darker foundation the corners of the face are soften so that they look of fullness. A round face can be made to look longer by the use of darker foundation at the temples as well as also around the lower face. Same technique can be applicable for the imperfections related to the chin and nose. By manipulating the shades here and there you can not only balance but also correct the features of your face (wherever necessary).

Face Makeup – Tips

To highlight a women’s features face make up is a must. Some good and practical tips can help you in going a long way to enhance your looks. Some of these tips are: 

  1. Foundation is said to be the base of makeup and is applied after the cleansing and moisturising is done. Just wait for few minutes before applying the foundation and let the moisturiser get absorbed well. For applying the foundation either use your finger tips or a damp sponge to blend it correctly in all the areas of your face from forehead to chin and from hairline to jaw line. 
  2. Blending of the foundation is the key for good makeup and cannot be stressed much. As proper blending will give your face a natural look. Be very sure that you do not leave blotches here and there. After this you need to blot your face with a soft tissue paper in order to absorb the excess foundation from your face. 
  3. A concealer is considered to be a versatile piece of cosmetic as it helps in hiding pimples, scars, dark circles and blemishes on the face. You should apply the concealer on the desired spots and then spread it towards the edges but make very sure that you do not overdo it as it will then give a look that you have tried to hide some flaws and it won’t be impressive. 
  4. Be very careful before applying the eye shadow, you should apply a base of neutral colour on the eyelids. Also don’t make much attempt on making the colour of eye shadow to match to that of your dress rather use such colour that will suit your skin colour and skin. You can dab the eye shadow on the entire length of the eyelid and start from inside and move outwards. If you wish you can use two to three colours for the same but that will require an expert blending so that a smooth look comes out. 
  5. If you are wearing eyeliners than be very sure that they are drawn close to lash line so that it gives an impression of thicker eyelashes. Though black is the favourite colour for the eyeliner but blue, brown, navy blue also looks equally stunning. In fact with the use of perfect eyeliner your eyes will be brought out magnificently.   
  6. Mascara is termed as the magic wand as it helps in making eyelashes look thicker and lengthier. 
  7. If your lips are chapped then before applying lipstick to it, it should be treated with lip balm. Lips can be first outlined with a lip liner which should be slightly darker than that of your lipstick colour. Lips should be preferably filled with lip brush as it helps in giving a nice coating to the colour of lips. 
  8. Blusher used should be chosen according to the skin colour. If you are using a powder brush then after putting it on the brush shake the brush before applying it on the face. You should have a smiling face while applying the blusher and apply it with the upward stroke towards the ears. 

It is said at some point of time cosmetic is just like paint and face is similar to that of a canvas. Hence before applying the makeup you need to prepare your face by cleansing, toning, moisturising. So that the right face makeup is done as this enhances the natural beauty of a women.