Tips For Eye Makeup

Tips For Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup – Application

 In the makeup world it is claimed that the most important makeup is the eye makeup as they are said to be the ones which you could use for many things. There are so many designs and shapes that you could apply for your eyes. But the saddest part is that very few people who know how to apply an eye makeup and one need to know it very well before applying the eye makeup as it will help you a lot and also you will know how to do it and which method to apply. And then you can use the tips for eye makeup for your own advantage.

Before you get to know as to how to apply the makeup you first need to know what kind of make you are applying. There are lots of makeup applications available for face, eyes, lips and eyebrows. It is not necessary for you to use all the makeup for your facial feature but if you wish you can. Formal eye makeup tips will help you to look gorgeous and glamorous. It would not matter much as to where you are heading for a big party or just a small hangout with your friends. To look beautiful you need to know how to apply the makeup correctly and thus you can achieve the desired look for yourself. Learning how to apply the eye makeup is not a difficult process; here are some steps written for you to make your wedding or party pictures amazing.

Eye Makeup – Tips

Eyes are regarded as the most beautiful feature of a person and eyes actually reflects one’s personality and real self. A women purse will be filled with all kind of products used for the makeup such as eye shadow, eye liner, mascaras etc. Every woman on the earth wishes to enhance the beauty of her eyes with the perfect eye makeup procedure & application.

Some of the measures that you should keep in mind before applying eye makeup are; first and foremost you need to wash your eyes and make sure that they are completely clean. Then you can put slices of cucumber onto your closed eyes and then apply some cream so that there is no redness. Secondly you start applying the eye liner and eye shadow but be very sure that the colour of your eye shadow and eye liner should not contrast each other and present a good combination. Then while applying mascara you must be very careful that no lumps are seen on your eyelashes as that could ruin the whole look.

Every moment of fashion starts with a great makeup and eyes are considered to be the focal point of the face and thus deserves the most attention. Cosmetics are the most wonderful tools that make your eyes look innocent, dramatic, sultry or sweet. The simple tips for eye makeup are as follows;

  1. One should use Sacha’s eye shadow to reflect the mood. 
  2. Always use a light colour shade over the entire eyelid.
  3. The medium shade should be applied on the lower side.
  4. The darkest shade is to be applied on the corners of the eye as they will create depth and the eyes will be seen a bit bigger.
  5. Use your finger tip to blend the darker colour and soften the edge. 
  6. Application of eyeliner should be done with short strokes starting from the center and then going towards the end.
  7. Always use two coats for application of Mascara as it will lengthen and thicken your eyes.
  8. Try using mascara with a brush on tips of you lashes and in the internal corners. 
  9. You should be very careful on the term that if you have a bold eye makeup then you should wear a bold lipstick at the same time. 
  10. You can use a pencil liner to slightly widen the outer edges of the eyes.

You can always make yourself creative with your eye makeup and change the colours that suit you, your mood, your personality and outfit. These eye makeup tips will definitely help you in achieving fresh and sophisticated looks and it may also save you time which you spend in front of the mirrors looking yourself and thinking how to get a perfect eye makeup done.