Tips for Eye Care

Tips for Eye Care

Eye Care – Introduction

Eyes are considered to be the most important human organ and the most delicate one as they can express the emotions of the human. At times it may happen that a person could not speak or lacks the ability to talk, their eyes can speak for them. Therefore taking care of this delicate and special organ is must.

Some of the common causes due to which eye gets affected the most are - lack of sleep, stress, fatigue, vitamin deficiency, eye strain, allergies, caffeine and compressed nerves. In order to know that which of the above problems is the cause of your eye twitching; one need to thoroughly examine the lifestyle of his or her and ponder over the events that occurred in your life recently. The lack of sleep, fatigue and stress issue are combined and generally if one occurs the others come along with it.

The sooner the better, it depends on how early you decide to take care of your eyes the lesser effort will be required for you to put in. It depends on you and when you make up your mind and get yourself determined to take care of your eyes you will have the ability to prevent the situation that may cause trouble to your eyes.

Eye Care Tips

Whenever we reconcile the methods of protecting anything we make a chart of what to do and what not to do. Here we first deal with the facts that may harm our eyes.

The facts that harm the eyes most are smoking, overwork with TV or computer, exposure to sunlight, dust and dirt, constant rubbing of eyes etc. These facts may cause serious damage and will spread germs and viruses to eyes and serious conditions like conjunctivitis may occur. Reading under dim light or in semi-darkness may cause strain to eyes and thus in turn the eye sight may get weak.

Some simple tips to take care of your eyes are as follow:-

Proper Rest

Eye is said to be the most used part of the body, use of eyes without any rest may cause migraines and it in turn deteriorate the health. Therefore rest is an important factor that plays a major role in taking care of your eyes.

Perfect Diet

Having leafy vegetable and fruits in the diet menu helps greatly in taking care of your eyes. Generally it is considered that yellow fruits and vegetable are the best for eyes. These kinds of fruits are rich in beta carotene. Fruits like papaya, mango, squash and vegetable like spinach, cabbage are reported as the best and great source for beta carotene and it also helps in maintaining a good health for both your eyes and body.

Beside these two major tips for eye care the others can also help in prevention of eyes getting damaged. Drinking lots of water is one way to prevent damage in eyes as it is said that the skin around our eye is very thin and underneath it is full of blood vessels. Drinking lots of water may help in avoiding any kind of puffiness around the eyes. Avoid excessive rubbing of eyes as it is the most sensitive part of the body. If you rub your eyes frequently it may make your eyes more irritated therefore instead of rubbing it you may blink your eyes for some time and this may lessen the irritation caused in your eye due to some cause. Also if you find any alien particle that has got inside your eye you should wash it instead of rubbing it. Washing your eye at a regular interval also helps your eyes. Wash your eye with milk as milk is considered to be the natural cleanser and it will not cause any irritation.

Use of Sunglasses is also an important tip as whenever your eyes come in direct contact with the UV rays of the sun it creates irritation in your eyes. Thus to avoid it always use sunglasses whenever you are out in the day light this will act as a shield for your eyes and will protect it from the harmful rays of the sun and also from the dust and dirt in the air.

The best tips for the protection of eyes can be summed up as follows; to avoid glares and eye-straining activities to prevent red or tired eyes, rest of eyes every day, be very cautious while working with harmful chemical ingredients, wash your eyes at regular intervals, go outdoors for fresh air and oxygen so that your eyes are nourished and always travel with a eye cover to protect it from the smoke and germs of other people.