Tips To Color Your Hair

Coloring your hair is one of the ideal ways to manifest your individuality, but can cost a fortune at the hair salons. If you color your hair, you must be aware that it is most lively for those few days in between the virtual coloring process and your initial post color shampoo.

How to Retain Your Hair Color For Long Time

If you color your hair, sustaining its vibrancy is of utmost importance. Whether you have colored your hair with a demi, semi or permanent color at salon or at home, there are certain simple tips you must follow to retain the vibrancy of the color for longer time.

Condition Before You Color Hair

Perfectly conditioned hair can retain color for long time, so apply a deep conditioning treatment 3 days prior to the day you color your hair and then another after 10 to 14 days. To ward off color "leakage", make ensure that you deep condition your hair with a heat source only after lapse of 10 days. A 10 day waiting time will offer the color a significant amount of time to gel with the hair's structure.

Avoid Shampoos Containing Sulphates

Sulphates are chemicals that form lather and bubbles. These bubbles will also drain out a great deal of your hair color and disrobe hair of its natural oil, so it's recommended to avoid them. Sulphate free shampoo is recommended to use as it will preserve and sustain the life of your hair color. You should look for a shampoo that is either "SLS Free"or "Sulphate Free" if you are contemplating to color your hair.

Restrict Number of Times You Shampoo

Unless you're exposed to an ambiance where your hair will face a lot of dust or dirt, you probably should not shampoo your hair regularly. If you have to wet your hair every day, you can do so without applying any shampoo. Wet your hair properly and allow the water to rinse away any dirt on the hairs surface. After your hair is thoroughly rinsed, gently squeeze out the water and then administer your daily conditioner. Start at oldest hair, i.e. the ends which are in need of the most nourishment. Don’t put your conditioner directly on your scalp. Secure your hair at the top of your head facilitating a butterfly clip. This will enable the conditioner to properly coat your hair while you will continue with your shower. Rinse the conditioner out and make sure that you allow the water to run over your back to drain out all traces of conditioner from your skin. This last step is particularly necessary if you suffer from "bacne" (back acne). Conditioner residue left over on your back may be the primary cause of skin irritation on the back and shoulders. Whenever you're under the shower, remember not to stand underneath the shower head.  You should only permit the water to run through your hair to drain away dirt.

Avoid Hair Dryers In First Week When Color Your Hair

Heat may open up the hair cuticles. Every time you heat your hair, the cuticles of each strand gets opened up. When that happens, the color has a probability to "run" out. If you must use a blow dryer get rid of as much excess water as possible by simply soaking hair with an absorbent towel. This will reduce the amount of time and heat required to dry your hair. An air diffuser can also reduce the damaging effects of heat to the hair and protect your hair color as well.

Use Sunscreen

The elements and nutritional nourishments of skin and hair are very closely associated. You must be aware how crucial it is to protect your skin from destructive UV rays. You should also use sunscreen on your hair. Daily use of a sunscreen is a great way to protect your hair from harmful UV rays. It will also retain your color by stopping the sun from bleaching it. Look for conditioner containing Cinnamate, one of the ideal natural sunscreens for hair. Shea butter is yet another nice conditioner for all types of hair types. In addition to having nourishing properties it has UV blocking elements as well.

Protect Hair While Washing Face

Eventually, use a headband every time you wash your face at the sink. This will keep your face wash liquid away from your roots and retain the color at the edges of your hair for longer time.