Tips to Buy an Air Conditioner

Tips to Buy an Air Conditioner

Planning to buy a new air conditioner for your home? Wait and decide upon a few things before you go to shop so that you come home with the best air conditioner for your home. To know what you want from the air conditioner and which is best for your home try to answer some of these questions.

When to Buy a New Air Conditioner

The best time to buy a new air conditioner is during the rebate season so that you can save some money on it and can also select from a wide range of models. Shopping for air conditioner during the summer can be costly as the demand for it rises and hence the choice offered will also be very slim. The best time to shop will be the fall when the summer is nearing and there is a lot of rebate offers on air conditioners and cooling systems.

What Are the Features Do You Want in Your Air Conditioner

Today air conditioner comes in with a number of different features apart from lowering the temperature of the room. Some come with the super filter that can clear off ninth nine percent of the allergen and it will help if you are an extra sensitive person. Similarly, some offers energy saving as it comes with high EER rating (Energy Efficiency Rating) and some with automatic adjustment of temperature, or swift cooling and a lot more.

You can decide on the best air conditioner suited for you, the one that offers the features you would want. But remember, each new feature on the air conditioner means an extra on its cost so you should never ever run behind an air conditioner that offers features that you might not need. If you are not hyper allergic to dust you don’t have to buy an air conditioner with the extra active filter, but look for some other features in it. But if you can afford a super fine filter, it does feel good to breath in clean air.

What sort of an Air Conditioner Do You Need?

There are four different types of Air conditioners available in the market; the window air conditioner, the through wall, the portable and the centralized air conditioner. Each of it offers different advantage over the other so you should know what you expect out of you air conditioner before you consider buying any one of these. When the window air conditioner comes in the least cost of all, the through wall unit makes less sound and does not require drilling a large window into your wall. The portable one can be used to cool any room based on your requirement while the centralized one can help you to air condition your whole home or floor at the same time but yes it is a bit too costly.

The Cooling Capacity You Might Need

Air conditioner comes with different cooling capacity; the cooling capacity is measured in British Thermal Unit per hour (BTU/hr), the higher its value the more efficient it is. The size of your room can determine the capacity of the air conditioner you might need, a small room might just need a 5000BTU/hr AC while a bigger room will call for a higher number. It is not just the size of the room that determines the capacity of the air conditioner, the insulation of the room, the number of windows in the room, the shade, people using the room all determines your air conditioner capacity. Not just this the electronic appliances present in the room and the direction to which the room faces can even have a hand in determining your air conditioner's capacity.

The Indirect Cost by Your New Air Conditioner

It is not just the price of the air conditioner that you should take into account; you should even consider the maintenance it would require and the electricity consumed by it in the long run. Air conditioner with low EER can gift you with loads of electricity bills in the future but those with high EER can help you save on the power bills.  Though the low EER air conditioner comes in much lower cost than the higher rated ones, you may end up spending much more on the electricity bills. So it is better if you buy a high rated one. Similarly buy the air conditioner which is supplied by a well known and popular brand which is known for its low maintenance. Cheaper brands also might pinch money from your pocket due to its high maintenance cost though they may seem the best option at the time of purchase.

So decide on what you expect from the air conditioner and how much you are ready to spent on it before going to shop for one.

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