Some Tips about Teen Makeup

Some Tips about Teen Makeup

Teen is the prime of one’s life when you are slowly becoming conscious about yourself and the changes within and outside your body. Suddenly you feel that you have a crazy urge to look beautiful, to turn heads as a newcomer in middle school, or a fresher in high school. This is the time to learn to express yourself through some easy and perfect strokes of the brush and make yourself a better version of ‘yourself’ and not just copy Britney Spears or Miley Cyrus.

What Kind of Makeup Should you Opt for

It is only your teenage, and you have the skin that is still unexploited. You should always take care to preserve it and not use any harsh or cheap product on it, no matter how alluring they might look! It is also the time when you should develop your original style and not just be another copy-cat in the block. Also remember, at your age, the main highlight of your teen makeup should be your innocence. An endeavor to look ultra-glamorous and sexy is only going to spoil it.

Teen Makeup Tips:

  • This is the time when you are free to experiment with almost any colours. Bright and floral colours are just fine for you. Light pink and vibrant orange will suit your age and look. Also have some nice black outfits in your closet. They are always classic and feminine.
  • With your makeup, go bright; yet, stick to the natural shades.
  • Experiment with your eye makeup. Choose bold eye-shadows and colored mascaras. However avoid being too glossy. Shimmery white lines around the eyes can really add that punch to your otherwise delicate look. 
  • Though you should not use it too often, you can sometimes use eyelash-curler to make your lashes look longer.
  • You can apply gel blush to your cheeks and blend them carefully. If you skin tone is warm, try using a peach blush; those with a pale skin tone can opt for discrete pink tones.
  • If you want to go for a sun-kissed look, use soft bronze shadow. While going for a cover up color, try a soft skin tone one. 
  • It is always better to opt for lip gloss than lipsticks for that added lustrous look.
  • Try different hair-cuts and exhibit different hair-dos. A changed hair-do will give you a complete makeover whenever you want one.
  • Innocence is the real beauty of the teenage. Don’t overdo your makeup and overshadow the natural freshness and charm in your look.

 What not to do

  • Never overdress yourself. Always keep in mind the occasion you are getting dressed for.
  • Avoid chemical treatment with your skin and hair. Natural and herbal products are best for the delicate skin and hair at your age.
  • Go for natural products and homemade facial packs. Try not to use bleach on the face.
  • Avoid dull colours both in makeup and dress.

The teenage is the most delicate time of one’s life. The makeup should be as soft and supple as the age itself. The truth is, a teenager does not need a lot of make up to look good, as she is already beautiful. Some vibrant colours, a nice poise and only a few touch-up can make her look most attractive and charming.