Ten Commandments of Successful Fathers

Ten Commandments of Successful Fathers

The very moment you see your baby or you hold your child, the first though that comes across your mind is “I’ll be the best father”. But no one has a clue what it takes to be a successful father. There are many men who give into the pressure of taking the responsibility and managing the financial matters of the family. Men in general are a little timid in giving a commitment. Here are few important aspects which will help you realize that it is not at all a burden in having to raise a kid. It is the world’s most privileged and satisfying job you can ever ask for.

Ten Commandments for Fathers

Below are the ten vital rules which you have to follow to become a successful father.

Thou shall talk with thy children – Talking to children on regular basis will bring the closeness with your child. The more you talk with your children the more you bridge the gap between you and your child. It is very essential that the child gets to spend time and share his thoughts with their father. This little communication in the early stages will help your child to be more comfortable in confronting you in later stages. 

Thou shall spend one on one time with your children – Spending time with your children exclusively will make them realize how special they are to you. This will in turn make you special for them. Having that special place for them in your heart is very important. It is obvious to have a special place for your children but you need to show it for them to understand that you do. Spending time with your children one on one will help you to understand them better. Their reaction, thinking pattern, behavior are all very important for you to know.

Thou shall set rules and live by them – Discipline is a very important part of upbringing. Imbibing good habits in your child from a very early stage is very important. This will prove to be very fruitful in the later stages of their life. By setting rules you are giving a pattern to their life and building a routine. For them to follow it is important for you as a father to set an example for them.

Thou shall not spoil thy children – This is the contradictory rule for the previous commandment. You should not encourage your child to take the wrong path anytime in their life. It is your responsibility to see to it that they are on the right track all the time. You should teach them the values of life and encourage them to have principles like honesty, modesty and humbleness. 

Thou shall show love to thy children – Children are the best people to understand the language of love. Their naïve nature and innocent heart show no partiality in showing their love to someone. You should reciprocate the same love to them so that they focus more on you, which will build an unending bond.

Thou shall read with thy children – Reading is the best and cheapest way of learning. Reading is considered to be the best activity because it helps your child to get ready to face the tough world. It helps your child to develop imagination and perception of events. By developing reading habit in your child it will help him/her to grasp things much faster. This habit will help them in comprehending tough problems in life they face in the future. 

Thou shall love thy children’s mother with whom thou livest – A mother is the most important part of every child’s life. They need to learn to respect and love her endlessly. Being a father it is your responsibility to make your child understand the importance of loving their mother. There can be exceptions if their mother is not genuinely a good person. For instance if their mother is alcoholic or drug addict this commandment doesn’t apply. 

Thou shall not speak ill of thy children’s mother – This rule is mostly applicable in case of a divorced couple. After your divorce as a father you should not speak ill of your ex-wife or your mother. This would bring negative thoughts about the whole role of a mother. Hence, it is not good to speak ill of a child’s mother. 

Thou shall know thy children’s friends – Influence from other sources is very natural in the upbringing of a child. Therefore, it is very important to know the friends and the company in which your child is associated with. If any negative influence is observed from your child’s friends you should immediately make your child understand what kind of negative effect it can cause to him/her. 

Thou shall protect thy children – This is a mandatory rule. It is a natural responsibility for a father to protect his children. This has to be done irrespective of how big the danger is. Children have the tendency to look up to their father as the strongest man in the world. You should live up to their expectations whenever needed. In the modern day there are many dangers of drug abuse, alcohol, bullying by other children etc. You should stand by them and protect them at all time.

Following these Ten Commandments you are going to be a successful father. Always remember that every child is unique. It is important that you understand them and love them for what they are!

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