Teaching Toddlers

Teaching toddlers is one of the single most difficult and challenging tasks that can be undertaken and is also the most rewarding when some success is met at the end of the process. The difficulty lies in the fact that the attention span of toddlers is quite short and their brains although sharp are still in the process of growing along with all the other parts of the body.

A Teaching Experiment

It has been proven that simply teaching toddlers specific things does not simulate highly intellectual growth at a later stage in life. A simple experiment was conducted on 430 toddlers up to the age of 21. The personality development on the social and academic fronts was monitored.

Parents were instructed to observe the way the toddlers played with particular toys and to note the time that they stayed focused on them and how readily or reluctantly they parted with the toys. It was observed that the toddlers who persevered with the toy despite difficulties and mistakes were those who were more academically inclined in the late years. This indicated that it is not teaching specific subjects that contribute to the toddler’s overall development but showing them the approach to learning.

What to Teach Toddlers

Given the short attention span, you need to plan carefully what to teach toddlers. Activities should be chosen in such a way that they benefit both mentally and physically. Since toddlers are new to walking, they need to spend a lot of time just walking around. So physical activities and games should encourage the child to use her limbs frequently. Others activities can involve improving the intellectual skills like recognizing shapes, colors, counting and learning the alphabet.

Toilet Training and Personal Hygiene

Another important aspect involves teaching toddlers the basic facts about personal hygiene. This has to be done very carefully as the child is no longer an infant and will be full of questions for which reasonable answers will be expected. This is a very important aspect of teaching toddlers, as later in life these habits will be manifested.