Taurus and Libra Compatibility

Taurus and Libra Compatibility is a fusion with several challenges, though you may find more in common than it initially appears. 

This article is pided into two parts, the first section speaks of the viewpoint of the Taurus man or Taurus woman, and the second one speaks of the viewpoint of the Libra man or Libra woman.

From the Taurus Viewpoint

Taurus and Libra Compatibility

Libra is a very sociable individual who seeks attention, and there's every chance this will manifest your romantic side either directly (by being flirtatious) or indirectly (by wishing to go out or talk on the phone).

Libras are Loyal and Honest Partners

It is quite worth a quick mention then, Libra is generally a 100% honest and faithful partner, although they often try to ‘test’ their attractiveness through flirting. It’s harmless, but most Taurus’s have short tolerance for it, stimulating a vicious circle of getting more Jealous and obsessive and pushing your Libra away.

Libras are Outgoing and Sociable

There may also be conflicts over going outdoors or staying in - while not being so sociable you may not feel the need to have such an intensive circle of friends as your Libra likely wish to maintain.

Taurus Prefer Solitude and Loneliness

A very talkative inpidual, Libras love to argue and discuss, to weigh either sides of an argument and scan every angle of a situation - this can be frustrating to some Taurus's, who often prefer to think about things alone and only talk about them afterwards - you don't feel the requirement to have a human sounding board to develop opinions with, and may not feel the requirement to always find a good or right solution. Libra is a very enticing and proficient communicator, and very tough to ignore in this respect! 

Both are highly Romantic

You're both governed by Venus, and maintain a love of beauty and luxury in all forms, whereas both being extremely diplomatic and graceful (though Libra is more likely to be in the forefront in this respect, which may be unnecessary for you). You both love to have a loyal partner and a dedicated relationship. You both can be awfully romantic.

Taurus Pessimistic and Libra Optimistic

You are pessimistic, while your partner Libra is more inclined towards being optimistic. You're stubborn, and often display a bad temper if someone instigates you. This is likely to be very irritating to your Libra if they witness too much of it. 

Taurus Libra Sex

You're more into a physical love while Libras are mostly into mental, enjoying romantic discussions and a degree of romantic associations. In this section your areas of preference are often different. You prefer drawing close and fondling while your partner loves aphrodisiac speech. This can work well, offering the best of both worlds, but under one circumstance if you both are prepared to compromise.

It’s imperative to consider however that it is only about sun signs. There are several other planets which can have an equal or more prominent impact on someone’s personality. 

To fully understand and know someone or how compatible you could be with them you need to consider those other planets’ placements also from their date of birth, and tally them to your own, and then evaluate the outcomes.

This unearths the real power of astrology, and offers much more helpful and specific details – everything from how they see you, how to make them happy, how to ward off arguments etc.

From the Libra Viewpoint

Taurus and Libra Compatibility

Taurus is an incredibly stable, predictable and straightforward and practical partner. It's very tough not to like and praise their strength of character and dedication, though many Libras like a slightly more unpredictable, experimental or passionate lover (so it's your work to infuse and bring out that side of them).

Taurus less Outgoing

You're extremely sociable, while your Taurus often is not that sort of partner. Your outgoing nature may often likely be considered as being flirtatious, leading your partner insecure. This may also increasingly make them jealous and possessive, which may become a base of conflict if a compromise isn't reached quite early.

Taurus Often Uncommunicative and Stubborn 

When analyzing troubles you appear to be more of a communicator, while your partner is more of a solitary thinker. This may bridge a trivial difference however your Taurus is nothing other than stubborn, and an uncommunicative partner which can be a primary shortcoming for some Libras to digest. 

Taurus Stringent Decision Makers

Once a Taurus takes a decision it can be almost impossible to dissuade them through conversation or discussion. You're far more flexible hence your Taurus's stubborn side may be either a quality you admire, or something you just can't realize.


You're both governed by Venus, and enjoy a love of beauty and luxury. Keeping in view the above said revelation pertaining to Taurus and Libras compatibility it’s advisable to take the right decision to move forward in your life if you happen to encounter with a Libra you being a Taurus or vice versa. 

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