How is Taurine Useful & Benfits, Side Effects on Dosage Bodybuilding Supplement

How is Taurine Useful & Benfits, Side Effects on Dosage Bodybuilding Supplement



Introduction of Taurine Supplement

Taurine is an amino acid that is found in the heart and brain. Taurine is considered to be beneficial for metabolism and heart ailments. Deficiency of Taurine in the body contributes to growth retardation and retinal degeneration.

Benefits of Taurine Supplement

The benefits of Taurine are as follows:

  • Taurine helps  lower high blood pressure

  • Taurine helps in stabilizing the rhythm of the  heart and strengthens the heart muscles.

  • Taurine also acts an antioxidant

  • It is believed that Taurine helps in boosting memory and mental functions.

  • Taurine also helps boost the immune system

  • Taurine also helps in keeping diabetes away and increases metabolism and digestion power.

  • Since Taurine helps in energy boosting, it is beneficial for athletes to take Taurine supplement.

  • Taurine is also beneficial for body building since it helps maintain a nitric oxide level which is required for muscle contraction.

  • Lesser know benefits of Taurine are treatment for low sperm count, eye diseases and depression.

Who can benefit from taking Taurine Supplement

People suffering from heart diseases, liver diseases and diabetes are benefited by Taurine supplement. Body builders and athletes can benefit from the intake of Taurine supplement. Since Taurine is believed to be essential for regular growth and development, it is added in commercially available infant formula. Taurine is also considered to be good for students since it increases memory and helps enhance mental functioning.

Side Effects of Taurine Supplement

Studies and researches has reported no known side effects of Taurine supplement but there are cases when excess dosage has lead to encephalopathy ( excess brain disease) in one body builder who took a large dose of Taurine in combination with insulin and steroids. Mostly Taurine supplements are safe for consumption by adults. Excess Taurine is excreted by the kidneys. However, it is always recommended to consult your doctor before starting Taurine supplement intake. Also, you should report any side effects to your doctor immediately, if it has started after Taurine supplement intake even if you believe that is it not because of Taurine supplement.

Dosage of Taurine Supplement

Up to 3000 mg of Taurine can be consumed by a normal adult. However, please consult your doctor before starting Taurine supplement consumption on a regular basis. Your body does not need too much of Taurine and while eating fish, meat or dairy product you are always consuming Taurine.

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