Tantra Yoga A Holistic Approach

Tantra Yoga A Holistic Approach

What is Tantra Yoga?

Tantra yoga is defined as a holistic and unique approach towards the study of the universe which is seen from an individual’s point of view. It is the study of all objects in the universe. Tantra yoga is a combination of all sciences that includes numerology, astrology, chemistry, physics, Ayurveda, alchemy geometry and psychology.
Tantra yoga is a way of reaching to the highest goal and practical ways of life. As humans we categorize different human knowledge in various ways, but tantra yoga is all about bringing these things together. Tantra yoga absorbs everything together instead of concentrating on one particular aspect of life. All these elements have a close bond under one law known as dharma. Tantra yoga is all about understanding this law.

In-depth about Tantra Yoga

Tantra yoga aims in expanding the awareness of a person. The awareness is in all states, whether a person is sleeping, dreaming or awake. For every person to achieve this, the human mind has to be “deprogrammed” and “reprogrammed”.

When a person is born in a particular place and time, it is known as primary programming which is greatly influenced by environment and heredity. If a person has not faced many problems and is happy with his life then he would not look for a change. On the other hand, if a person is not happy with his life and is looking for something more than what he has, then there are a few things to be altered. This is where tantra yoga comes into picture. It shows ways and means to work things out.

Tantra yoga is a way of learning about various things that influence a person’s feelings and thoughts. It guides a person to change his obstacles like intolerance, ignorance, feeling for nature and selfishness. By a constant practice of tantra yoga, a person can make things work in his favor. A person is more sensitive to things and learns to be calm, peaceful and live in harmony with other people. Tantra yoga hence concentrates on centeredness, pointedness that helps to free the conscious mind from any limitations.

The universe is made up of two opposites: the static principle and the dynamic principle. The outer part of everything is known as the creative part while the inner part is the dynamic creation is known as static. “Shakti” does not have a beginning or an end. Though Shakti (energy) is restless, it moves in a certain cycle with motion and rest alternating in the cycle. Energy is always moving in some form or the other, therefore it goes through different stages, gets scattered and then reorganizes itself during the stage of rest. 

Energy thus has a constant process of creation, preservation, destruction, reorganization and recreation which keeps going till eternity. Tantra Yoga has a strong belief in the existences of the phenomenal world and worships the Universal Mother who is known to be the creator, preserver and destroyer. Therefore in Tantra Yoga, the Universal Mother is the Divine power and should be worshipped.

“Desire” is the main driving force that is accepted in Tantra yoga. In other spiritual practices, desire is something that is not accepted as it binds a person to a particular aspect. The main aim of Tantra yoga is to have a powerful desire to overcome desire. It is believed that desires are natural and it is up to a person to control it, therefore Tantra yoga helps to control it in different ways.

This is achieved by pranayama (breathing exercise), ritual cleaning, repetation of mantras, visualization and contemplation.