Taking Care of a Disabled Child

Taking Care of a Disabled Child

The word ‘’disabled child’’ can mean a child who is either mentally challenged or physically handicapped. This disability can occur because of some incident like illness, injury or accident. In such cases, a child is not able to do his/her day to day stuff and needs help. Attending to such children is a difficult task and may also lead to a lot of stress. Taking care of a disabled child is a challenging task and requires lots of patience and energy.

Taking Care of a Disabled Child

Day to Day Care

Taking care of a disabled child’s day to day needs requires lots of help. This can be more strenuous for working parents. Such parents may not be able to give their 100% to the child. In such cases, one needs to look for assistance from a local community. Caretakers and other such services are available so that while you are away, child is taken care of. These services include physical therapy, helping in transportation and medical care.

Special Services

You can opt for a day care or a full time service for your disabled child. These services take care of the health and help the child in other activities. As a parent you need to enroll your child in this program. This will help a child learn ad understand things better. He/she would be able to take care of a few basic things related to day to day life. This will also help you carry on with your regular activities and socialize while your child is taken care of.

Many adult children are able to stay alone at home. But do leave an emergency system for them so that your child can reach you when he/she is in need. 

Planning Things

Planning things ahead is very important. You will have to think from a practical point that once you are gone there should be someone to take care of your disabled child. Find out local organizations that take care of services for disabled children. You need to make residential arrangements where your child can be treated and taken care of. 

These organizations will help you contact support groups. They will also help you reach therapists who can make your child prepare emotionally for the future. 

Encouraging your Child

Other than making the necessary arrangements, it is your duty to help your child through this situation. Try to make your disabled child as independent as possible so that he/she doesn’t find it difficult to cope with things in the future.

Every day, try and give little tasks to your child. Plan a daily routine and stick to it so that your child gets used to it. Help your child interact with others and help him/her to participate in special clubs for the disabled children. There are many events also held where you may want your child to be a part of such activity. These small and simple things make a big difference in your disabled child’s life.