Tadasana Mountain Pose


There are several effective standing positions in yoga asanas and they provide good way of stretching the muscles and affect the speed and efficiency on the nervous system. Most of the standing positions somehow enhance the opportunity to increase the mastering equilibrium in both ways mentally and physically. One of such significant standing pose or yoga asana is the Mountain Pose (Tadasana).

The mountain pose is practiced by placing the heels slightly apart from each other in such a way that the toes stay parallel to each other. Then carry out the back and forth rocking movement on your toes and slowly come to a complete halt. Now raise both the ankles in such a consolidated pose that it tightens the leg muscles. Now thrust your tailbone towards the floor while lifting your pelvic area towards the navel. Your arms should be resting near your body and push your shoulder backwards.

This practice of Mountain pose yoga asana will give a clear cut positive effect and it will also make the base of many other poses. Mountain pose or Tadasana implies that by the person practicing yoga should discover the meaning of balance and stillness before he or she progresses further. Thus is the reason why Mountain pose or Tadasana is considered to be one the best ways as it not only allows you to connect yourself with your inner emotions but also it helps in uncover the subtle ways of yoga. The energy channel of the Mountain pose or Tadasana travels in your whole body from the spine; towards the back of the neck and then towards the legs.

Benefits of Mountain Pose

Mountain pose or Tadasana is said to be the foundation or the base of all the standing postures and it helps in improving all the postures, groundedness, stability and confidence. It may not have the twists and the turns but it helps in aligning the whole body into a good shape and figure. Thus, with this aligning, it improves your posture which is considered to be very important before practicing any king of advanced postures or yoga asanas. The benefits of the same are:

  1. It improves posture as it is the beginning of the other yoga asanas.

  2. It strengthens the knees, ankles and thighs along with the other joints of the body.

  3. It firms the buttocks and abdominal area of your body and carves them in a perfect shape.

  4. It act as a reliever for the Sciatica nerves

  5. It helps in reducing the problems of flat feet.


As it is well known that every good thing have some side effect similarly Mountain pose or Tadasana also have some restriction that need to be taken under consideration before you practice the same. It is also advisable that before you think of practicing Mountain pose you better consider your physiotherapist so that no harm is done to you and you get the maximum benefit out of the same. Also remember that if you have encountered any kind of injury or chronic disease you should avoid the practice of Mountain pose. Also if you are a patient of headache, insomnia and low blood pressure you should practice Mountain pose or Tadasana for lesser time so that your illness does not increase, as otherwise, instead of having benefit, you may encounter major complications in your health.