Feng Shui Symbols and Their Importance

Feng Shui Symbols and Their Importance

There are so many items, symbols, amulets, charms, and talisman that you can facilitate to acquire Sheng Ch’i and prosperity. The art of Feng Shui definitely has a huge number of exclusive and beautiful articles that can be used for this purpose. There would be a few you may be aware of already. Some might astonish you as well.

20 Feng Shui Symbols to Bring Good Fortune


There are so many various dragons that can bring you good luck and offer you good fortune. The nature of the dragon that you will choose will ascertain the best placement.

Chi Lin Dragon Horse

Having the body of a horse and the head of a dragon - this Chinese Unicorn will save you and bring you good luck. Place him close to your main entrance or the living room or dining room for optimum results.

Feng Shui Fu Dogs, or Imperial Guardian Lions

You can place these animals in male and female pairs. They will safeguard your house and represent family’s wealth.

Three-Legged Money Frog

This 3 legged frog would carry a coin in his mouth and is often sitting on a heap of coins. If placed inside your main entrance facing inside the house, it will bring you fortune and prosperity.

Fuk Luk Sau

These three star Gods will fetch you good luck, prosperity, health, and longevity. Place them at a height in your dining or living room.

BaGua Mirror

This is a round mirror placed into an octagonal structure. You should never place this within the home it is only place outside or above the entrance door when there is negative Chi present.

Ox Symbol or Statue

If placed in the southwestern portion of your house it will bring you prosperity, protection and abundance.

Carp or Koi (Gold Fish)

The Carp or Koi can be replaced by gold fish. 3 Gold Fish in a small fish bowl or a piece of artwork displaying Carp or Koi that will bring you luck and wealth.

White Lucky Cat

With the right paw lifted it can bring you good fortune and with left paw lifted can bring you wealth. There are several cats of various colors and designs that can bring good luck and money.

Mystic Knot (Endless Knot)

This is a powerful piece that can offer you long life and good fortune. Its design symbolizes the infinity symbols (6) and is available in several forms i.e. jewelry and amulets.

Buddha Statues

There are several Buddha statues that can bring good fortune. The laughing Buddha can be used for prosperity, good luck, protection, and often fertility. They are generally very fabulously crafted and a great addition to your home.

Dragon Tortoise

Manifesting a coin in his mouth and sitting on a pile of coins this animal is a symbol of longevity along with good luck and prosperity.


The Crane can offer you longevity, health, and good luck. All birds used in Feng Shui are not free birds not cages ones as that would be bad Chi. You can benefit from artwork displaying the bird in a free state.


The elephant is believed to be a strong good luck, wisdom, prosperity and longevity symbol. It will have its trunk lifted and will be displayed high on a mantle.

Wealth Bucket

You should fill the metal bucket with coins and place it in the northwest corner of your house or work place. It is meant to be hidden and is not for everyone to see. It is very effective if you keep it in a cabinet or drawer.

Arowana for Abundance

When this unique tropical fish will is good for great fortune and prosperity. It is generally a very exclusive and colorful figure to put on display.

Coins & Crystal Balls

There is different good luck charms made with the fusion of different styles of Chinese Coins and/or Crystal Balls, often combined together with red string or ribbon and often include red tassels. There are several to choose from.

Indoor Plants

Healthy live plants kept in the southeast corners of house can increase wealth.

Rooster Figure

A Rooster in the workplace will enable eliminate a lot of "Office Politics". A simple piece but very effective. It will assist you giving good luck in the work place.

Golden Pigs

This is generally placed in pairs. It will bring good luck and pleasure to the home. These are particularly helpful when establishing a new home or business.

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