Sustainable Garden

Sustainable garden is a category of garden that works in association with nature. There are several techniques that can enhance the wellbeing of your garden and diminish any negative impact on the environment.

Sustainable gardening comprises a category of horticultural interests that have the goals and objectives associated with the global post 1980s sustainable development. These programs were developed to address the concept that humans are now facilitating natural biophysical components rapidly than they can be restored naturally. Organic gardening and the facilitation of native plants are part of sustainable gardening.

History of Sustainable Garden

Sustainable Garden

After the introduction of sustainable agriculture in 1980s, Sustainable Horticulture at the International Society of Horticultural Science's initial Global Symposium on Sustainability in Horticulture was organized at the International Horticultural Congress in Toronto in the year 2002. The principles and goals outlined at this conference were talked about in more practical terms at the next conference at Seoul in 2006.

Sustainable Garden Design

There are three steps that should be acknowledged while planning and executing the physical execution of sustainable garden design. These steps include:

Analyze Your Garden Site

To access the garden location is first and most prominent step in sustainable garden design. Just make a comprehensive study of it and keep track of all its elements and qualities, both man-made and natural.

Generate Your Wish List

You should now enlist your queries pertaining to your sustainable garden like:

  • What are the strengths of your landscape?
  • Do you have any favorite location?
  • How your landscape is currently used by you and your family?
  • What are the activities you would like to get indulge there?
  • Do you want to enhance the view or solidarity and traffic, etc?
  • What is the number of individual you would entertain on any occasion?
  •  Natural Decisions

Now take time off to contemplate your site evaluation notes with your completed wish list. Before actually taking any action, consider how each one synchronizes with the others and accordingly take decision.

Sustainable Garden Architecture

The architecture of sustainable garden is influenced by innovative wastewater technologies i.e. reuse of storm water/gray water for sewage conveyance or on-site wastewater treatment, using UV radiation zapper etc. In a limited space, utilizing gardening resources with minimum wastage is all about the architecture of sustainable garden. Diversity in species of plants and variety in plantations available in single spot is the beauty of the sustainable garden architecture.