Sustainable Fashion

Very few people have an idea about sustainable fashion. Sustainable fashion is also known as eco fashion. Today, sustainable fashion is growing with different trends and the main aim of this fashion trend is to create a supportive structure for the environment.

Sustainable fashion can be seen from a broader prospective, as a bigger trend of sustainable designs. In this, anything that is produced or developed keeping in mind the social impact and environment that may affect it throughout its life. Such things include “carbon footprint”.

Earlier, many new fashion trends were developed with keeping its long term impact on the environment. Environmentalists tried to focus more on making things better for the environment by organizing shows for charitable cause. Today, there are many fashion designers who are taking care of designing clothes keep the environment in mind. They have developed eco-conscious methods by using eco friendly materials and varied methods for production.

Efforts to Encourage Sustainable Fashion

There are many organizations that have been working towards developing opportunities for many upcoming sustainable designers. One such organization is the National Association of Sustainable Fashion Designers based in New York. Its main goal of this nonprofit organization is to help entrepreneurs who are encouraging fashion towards creating a different social change as well as respecting the environment.

Sustainable fashion designers aim in providing training, education and access to tools in creating a different impact. The main aim of the organization is to bring in a social hange through fashion and design that is related to different business. This can be done by encouraging training, education and programs that can be transformed to industries. It also helps in enhancing sustainability, economic growth and collaboration.

Factors that Affect Sustainable Fashion

Use of Materials

There are a few factors that affect the sustainability of material. The source of fiber, the way it transforms into textile, the working environment of the workers who produce the material and the total carbon footprint.

Natural Fiber

Natural fibers that are not petroleum based and found in nature. Natural fibers can be divided into two- Cellulose and protein.


It is a crop grown all over the world and a chemical intensive crop. Other cellulose fibers are- bamboo, flax, jute, hemp, corn, soy, banana, ramie, pineapple and abaca.


It includes- silk, camel, cashmere, mohair, wool and lama.


This is produced from natural materials like Polylactic acid and lyocell.

Recycled fibers

Recycled fibers are also known as reclaimed fibers which are made from fabric scraps. These are taken from clothing factories which are later processed into short fibers for spinning new yarn.

Around the world, there are only a few factories that process clippings and various ranges from blended and recycled cotton fibers. They also add rePET yarn to give more strength to virgin axrylic fibers and cotton fibers. They are also added for strength and color consistency.

Sustainable fashion has now boomed in many countries. This has not only been good for the environment but also benefitted many sustainable designers.

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