Surrogate Motherhood Issues

Surrogate motherhood issues are many. Ethical and legal are the main types of these surrogate motherhood issues.

Surrogate motherhood is a process in which women volunteers for artificial insemination to carry children on behalf of couples who are not able to conceive own children. Even though it is at most times the only way for many to have children of their own, the process attracts much opposition and is the centre of many controversies. Surrogate motherhood is allowed in some countries and banned in some. The Church and feminist groups are the main opponents to be against this process.

Surrogate Motherhood Issues – Ethical

Ethical arguments around surrogate motherhood are innumerable. Some of the ethical concerns are as follows,

  • There are concerns about the process depersonalizing the natural phenomenon of reproduction.
  • The issue of people using this not just for need but also for convenience is highly debated.
  • Some question the very motive behind making children, which according to them should be for the benefit of the children and not for that of the parent’s.
  • There are questions raised about the truthful consent given by the surrogate mother in relinquishing the child.
  • People are concerned about the psychological impact of this on the child.
  • Possible commercialization of the process and exploitation of the surrogate mothers is being argued.
  • There are also questions about the records to be maintained and the information to be provided.

Surrogate Motherhood Issues – Legal

There are several legal questions, much as extensions to the ethical ones that are related to surrogate motherhood.

  • Is it possible to enforce the surrogacy contracts?
  • How would the payment for this process be considered, as paying for the child would be illegal?
  • What would happen if the mother (surrogate) does not want to part with the child?
  • How would any breach of contract be treated?
  • What are the paternity rights of the surrogate’s husband?

Like this, the list of legal surrogate motherhood issues is a long one. Many advocates of this method are of the opinion that legalizing the process helps avoid this from appearing on the black market.

All over the world, there are split opinions about the surrogate motherhood issues. The US is in the process of banning surrogate motherhood, while in Russia it is still a legal method. Couples who cannot have children through any other way are justified in following this method. However, skeptics fear widespread use of this method would make children into goods.