Sun Damage Skin

Sun Damage Skin

People have always said that exposure to the sun is great since the skin absorbs Vitamin D but over exposure of the skin to sun rays have a lot of adverse side effects as well. One cannot completely cover every inch of the skin while going out and block out the sun. One can take precautions like sunscreen to protect the skin against any damage due to the sun. 

Different Kinds of Sun Damage Skin Causes -

  • The skin of a human being and any other animal withers with age. In fact skin is one of the biggest tell signs of a persons real age.  Over exposure to the sun speeds up the process of the aging of skin and thus a person ends up looking older than their real age. Skin might also undergo rapid pigmentation if exposed to the sun for longer periods of time. The sun also emits ultraviolet rays which are not good for the skin at all and can lead to skin cancer. It does not only age the skin before its time and cause cancer but there are certain other side effects to be taken in to consideration. 
  • Over sun exposure also changes the skin in many ways. If the wrinkles are deep then the exposure makes them appear deeper by turning the skin thicker than usual. This can be observed at the back of the neck below the head. The texture of the skin undergoes a lot of change and it looses its toughness. Thus, the skin gets bruised easily and does not reform that well. In areas which does not have deep wrinkles since before the effect is the exact opposite. The skin becomes thinner which means that fine wrinkles and lines appear without aging whatsoever. The skin also changes color and in some cases also causes the skin to develop freckles. Brown spots also start to appear on the skin. The freckles can be seen everywhere from the face to the skin on the hands, chest, shoulders etc. 
  • Even small white spots can appear on the legs, arms etc due to exposure to ultra violet rays. Moles can also occur on the surface of the skin because of over exposure to the sun. It is true that all moles are not caused by exposure to the sun but they increase due to exposure to the sun. In fact if the moles are seen in areas which are not exposed to the sun then it is a matter of great concern since they can be an indicator of melanoma which is a type of skin cancer.  There are other signs which foretell the advent of cancer. 
  • These signs are scaly lesions which are red in color. These lesions are called actinic keratoses. These lesions can lead to another type of skin cancer called squamous cell carcinoma. 

Ways to Avoid Sun Damage Skin -

  • People can avoid most of the damage done to the skin by taking a few measures. The first thing to keep in mind to avoid any problems is not to expose the skin to sunlight for long periods of time especially in the afternoon when the sun is at it’s strongest. 
  • The exposure to ultraviolet rays is also at its highest during the afternoon. The second thing to be kept in mind is to ensure adequate protection to the skin. There are various products available in the market which promises this. A good sunscreen lotion will definitely do the job. Providing enough hydration to the skin in a hot climate and washing the exposed surface regularly will help as well.