Summer Style Trends

The warmest of all the four seasons issummer. There are different summer style trends regarding the clothing,accessorising, hairstyling etc. which are followed by people of all ages.Markets are flooded by products specially designed to beat the heat. Peopleshop generously and choose the products according to the summer style trendswhich keep on changing every year.

Even the hairstyling and body groomingare done in such a way as to suit the summer season. These summer style trendsare set by the designers and the celebrities make them popular in the society.The youth especially college going teenagers are shopping on the big brands,inspiring them work for summer style trends. The major summer style trends areas follows:


Summer style trends in both men andwomen clothing are according to the season. The clothing of men includescollared shirts and tees to match with denim jeans or shorts. The colour choiceis mostly light pastel colours which give a cool and soothing appearanceaccording to the summer season. The clothing of women is also based on the samerules. Printed short skirts and spaghetti tops are an essential part of the summerstyle trends. Denim is liked by the women also. Denim jeans, shorts and skirtsgive them a soothing appearance.

Among the ethnic wear kurtas in bothmen and women made with cotton and other mixed fabrics are the popular choice.Self designed or embroidered fabric is most suitable for the summers.


Fragrances are an essential part ofsummer style trends as the long sunny days in summer cause a lot of sweatingleading to body odour. Light fragrances are most common in both men and womenin summers. The most common fragrances in men are 212 Men by Corolina Herrera,Indigo by Fred Haymen, and acqua de Gio by Giorgio Armani. On the other hand,the most common fragrances in women are Almas gold from Arabian nights, 5thAvenuue and Elizabeth Arden etc.

Hair Styles

Summer style trends in hairstyling ofmen suggest short hair. Long hair with men hair accessories like hair band isalso popular. Among women straight and long hair properly tied into a compacthairstyle are most common. Hair accessories in women are more varied like hairbands, hair clips scarves and designers hair clips etc. Hair colouring is alsoliked in summer season. The colours normally used are burgundy, blonde andblack.

Shoes and Accessories

Light weighted shoes, flip-flops andtrendy slip-ons are popular summer style trends in men’s footwear. Among womenthe beach sandals, heel sandals with leather strap and slip-ons are mostcommon. Accessories and jewellery are not much liked in summers but trendywatches, and a good pair of sunglasses should always be carried by both men andwomen.

The wardrobe basics for summers are tees, denims shirts and kurtas inmen and skirts, denims, tees and kurtis in women. Trendy light colours in bothmen and women clothing and accessories give a seasonal look especially insummer season.

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