Summer Makeup

Summer Makeup

During summer season how to take care of yourself to look your best just in case your dream guy shows up! If you’re planning for a cool summer vacation outdoors what are you packing for your vacation? Besides your favorite bikini and summer outfits, you must consider some summer makeup kit to look your best.

Wear a Natural Look

For the summer makeup go for the naturally elegant look and make it waterproof. The best summer makeup appears as if you aren't wearing any makeup, yet you look fabulous. Cheeks blush! Lips are voluptuously soft and pretty in pink, with maybe enough radiance to catch his eye. Eyes look unmade up yet are confined with full, lush lashes - as if you were born that way.

For a romantic beach gorgeous beauty, here's what you need.

Tinted Moisturizer

Apply a tinted moisturizer onto your skin for coverage that is lighter compared to foundation and appears to be your real skin. It will give you only prettier look.

Cream Blush

Get one blush in a pink or coral that you virtually blush in. Apply that onto your cheeks where you generally blush naturally, for a genuine flush.

Brown Eye Pencil

That is more realistic than a black liner and it makes your lashes look fuller. Apply along your lower lash line and spread so it looks real.

Waterproof Mascara

Have that mascara in jet black if you have back lashes and brown if you have blonde lashes. This coat offers you realistically lush and enhanced lashes.

Blue Eyeliner

Summer months are the best time to drop the idea of black liner and try a pop of color. Blue just has a really cool and soothing summer feel and it can be paired with bronzed cheeks. Line it around your eyes or just the bottom lash line up to you.

Summer Bronzer

Bronzer gives you a fabulous flow and creates a healthy and soulful look on the skin more than ever. In the summer, ginger up your face with a hit of shimmery bronzer. If you are in love with your pink cheeks too much, you can use bronzer and then put a dab of your rosy cheek blush up for stunning radiance.

Golden Eyes

A mesmerizing smoky golden eye shadow in the summer is just yet another killer beauty cosmetic!


Coral is a great summer color! Give a try on the lips, the cheeks, the eyes or the nails, maybe not all in one go. Corals are so hot and go well with bronze!

All Over Smoky Blue or Aqua Eyes

Aqua smoky or bright blue eyes are mostly applied in the summer and sunny days. You have to ensure that you opt for a lighter aqua blue - one of the all times hot and evergreen is Aquadisiac from MAC.

Bright and Sizzling Lips

Bright lips are so toothsome for the summer but this makeup look does not come without a warning! Do Not Wear It On A Date!! Better you store bright lips for a girls’ night out, or for a special event where there is no possibility of kissing engaged.

Nude Glossed Lips

Bright lips are sensual and summery but not for everyday look. A day time summer lip is certainly an immensely glossed out nude lip. Get a crème sheen kind of lipstick -something that isn't opaque - and administer it to the lip and decorate it with an extra glossy and or shimmery lip gloss.

Apply a Highlighter

Bronzer works well in getting that deep tan look and highlighter offers that dewy fresh radiance! Apply it to the top of your cheek bone down the center of your nose and also maybe a dab on the chin. You can also use Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks for this, or MAC Trace Gold.

Natural Makeup

There is nothing better than a great natural look - a slight dusting of bronzer, natural eyeliner and lashes with a shiny gloss.

Colorful Eye

Take the bright sunny and soothing weather for all it is worth and give your eyes a tropical colorful look! This isn't something that you can wear all the time and you can water it down by only juggling with two shades instead of multiple colors. If you try this, look out to blend effectively!

Hope you enjoyed!! So, take up your summer makeup kit and enjoy your summer vacation outdoors without worrying about losing your grace and elegance!