Summer Fashion Tips

Summer is the time when you need to move about freely allowing a little skin show. You need to beautify your body with gems and pearls and all the beautiful jewels of the world. It is the only time when you can wear clothes of variant styles and various fabrics, because in winters you only restrict to the woollen clothes that are almost of the same design and patterns. Summer helps you to enhance your taste in fashion by allowing you to put on various accessories, coupled with soothing and stylish footwear along with the charming hair styles, etc.

Here are few fashion tips for both men and women so that you may feel good to dress in the best way you can. They are:

Summer Fashion Tips for Women

Since summer is the time when scorching heat of the sun blows away your peace so a great care of the fabric you wear should be taken. Make sure the fabric to be chosen should be light and its texture should be such that it makes your dress look perfect.

The dress you wear should be comfortable in all respects and should give your body a soothing effect.

  • To be suited in a dress, choose it in a way that it has a perfect cut and many frills and lace on it to enhance its look. 
  • Go for dark colours like blue, green and red. White is also the best option to move out in sun, but be sure to wear some light coloured accessories along with your outfit.
  • Wear open sandals or floaters as they are very relieving in the summer’s heat. Try to avoid wearing of shoes and boots.
  • Avoid leather bags and make full use of jute bags, cotton bags, etc. that are available readily in the market in various vibrant colours.

Summer Fashion Tips for Men

  • Wear white or light coloured shirts and t-shirts as it will enhance you physique to a great extent.
  • Men suit well in striped shirts and vertical stripes tend to beautify the look of their height.
  • Men can readily go for striped shorts or shorts with different patterns on them. This will give them a hep look and also a great comfort in the scorching summer heat.
  • Avoid belts as much as you can. If you really need to put one, then avoid leather belts and opt the ones made of cloth or materials other than leather.
  • Avoid wearing suits in summer as they can be very uncomfortable and may not give you a peppy look that you may desire for.

There is a tip common for both men and women which have brought about a great revolution in the field of fashion. Tattoos are making a mark these days. Everyone should go for tattoos on their body as they give you a great look and feel and can match with any sort of dress you wear.

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