Sujok Therapy

Sujok therapy is simple and painless therapy. It was introduced by a scientist from Korea named Prof. Park Jae woo. This therapy follows the ancient medicines in its treatment. The Sujok therapy applies acupressure to stimulate certain parts of the body to resolve the health problems. Su means hands and Jok means foot in Korean language and the therapy includes acupressure points on hands, feet and points linked from hands and foot to several organs.

Principle of Sujok Therapy

The Sujok therapy is based on the principle that the hand and feet have many similarities to the body. The protruding parts on the hands and their directions are powerful healing tools. The therapy is based on these “homo” characteristics. According to the Sujok therapy theory the thumb is linked to the head, forefinger and little finger with the arm, middle and ring fingers of the hand with the foot and the palm of the hand is linked with the trunk of the body.  All these points can be controlled by acupressure. It helps to understand the new healing methods to prevent and cure disorders.

How is Sujok Therapy used?

Sujok therapy is now known worldwide for its simple techniques and curative properties. The micropoints on hands and feet are used to cure disorders of other parts of the body. The therapy includes simple physical healing methods wherein the points on the hands and feet are stimulated and the diseases are cured. The classic acupuncture theories are used along with the new Sujok acupuncture theories in the Sujok therapy.

The methods used for the stimulation of hands and foot use fingers, spherical objects, coniferous needles and many types of seeds. The Sujok therapy also uses magnets, microneedles, grains and some metals of different shapes. It also includes rubber bands and ball bearings in the treatment.

SixKi theory is the unique theory evolved by the Prof. Park using which many diseases can be diagnosed at early stage and treated by simple methods. The treatment can be used as preventive care, for curing the disorders and for mental and emotional care.

The treatment with Sujok therapy can take five to ten sittings to cure the regular disorders and can take even more time for chronic disorders depending upon its stage.

Massage Therapy in Sujok

The massage of hands and toes in Sujok therapy not only helps the person undergoing massage but also helps the massager person. The touching and massage with the help of fingers helps to stimulate the hands and toes. The correspondence points are sorted out by using diagnostic sticks as tools. These sticks have rounded ends which help them to identify the small healing points. Some sticks also have rollers which help them to continuously stimulate many correspondence points.