Subjective Well Being

Subjective well being is a measure of emotional health and how you rate your happiness. It is a sum total of satisfaction and pleasant emotions in your life. High level of subjective well being means you are enjoying your life with good physical and mental health despite your share of ups and downs.

Here are a few tips to boost your subjective well being:

Family on the Fore: 

If you have a loving family which supports you and counts on you for support, it means you have a strong connect with your family. Spending quality time with family makes you happier and gives more satisfaction than any other activity.

Social Network:

Research shows that a friendly person, who can be relied upon by many is held high in society and enjoys more social security than others in the neighborhood. The punch line is, make more friends for a healthy life.

Worry Less about Money Matters:

Those who are high on subjective well being are well planned about their financial goals and at the same time they do not worry too much about it. They do their best in the given situations and any down fall or upgrade do not affect their social balance. They are quietly working towards their goals and do not ‘keep up’ with anyone.

Have Faith:

A strong belief system is the foundation for a stronger human. A person who believes that what goes around comes around, will surely be more conscious of his actions and hence a more responsible person. His faith that his good deeds will stand him in good stead, and that there is a protector above helps him tide any adverse situations that might cross him. He is happier and looks forward to life with hope and optimism.

Cultivate Hobbies:

Spend time in learning one new thing, every once in a while, and do something that interest you but need not be essentially remunerative. Invest in feel good activities – carpentry, collage making, embroidery, cooking etc.

Be a Good Samaritan:

Indulging community activities such as enrolling for a prayer service, for a relief camp, volunteering for enabling the less privileged, all these go a long way in boosting your self-esteem and directly your subjective well being. You feel you are a contributor to the society and not a burden. You also meet a nice positive person in such circles, which builds a good support system for you.


Physical health and fitness keep your body active and help secret happiness chemicals in your brain. It keeps your mind off sedentary activities.
Including these few ideas in your life can make you happier and satisfied that adds to subjective well being.