Stylise With Different Hairstyles for Women

Hair styles come in various types. But choosing the right one for your hair type could be quite a daunting task. The basic thumb rule is to choose a hairstyle that enhances your personality and makes a perfect style statement.

Here are few tips to get stylize with different hairstyles for women:

  • Your hair could fall under any one of the three broad categories: Straight hair, curly hair or wavy hair. Ascertaining this is the first step to stylize your mane.
  • Long hair styles suit most hair types, especially with thick hair type; while short hair styles suit those with fine hair.
  • Face types is another parameter for stylizing hair. Some of the face shapes are: round, oval, rectangular, heart, triangular, diamond and square shapes.
  • Based on your face shape, stylize with different hairstyles for women
  • Fringes: Lengthy fringes can be used to manipulate forehead appearance. Long fringes could be used to hide a wider forehead, while short fringes make a short forehead seem wider.
  • Partings: Center parting adds to the width of your brow. Side partings render a narrow look to your forehead.
  • Pulled back style: Hair that is styled into an up-do will emphasize your jaw line. When pulled back over the ears they make the ears look smaller.
  • Ringlets: These small curls falling from an up-do give your neck the length. They also soften the pull of an up-do.
  • Full crown: This hair style adds volume to your hair and also makes your face look longer. It adds volume both to your hair and face, thus suits small faces.
  • Cropped hair: looks best on women with a well defined hair line and small ears. Oval faces will carry off crops with elegance. However, it needs regular visits to the salon for trimming and re-coloring (if you color your hair).
  • Short layers: Go for this style if you have wavy shoulder length hair. This style is the easiest to maintain as it requires a small hair pin to keep the extra whiffs from falling forward.
  • Bob cuts: They look great on curly hair, but avoid adding bangs to it as it will ruin the look.
  • Pony tails: Look great for all occasions and on all hair types. However, how you wear them makes all the difference. A low pony tail is good for shoulder length hair. High pony tails are classy, but your hair has to be straight. 

These basics will help choose and stylize with different hairstyles for women of all ages.