Strontium Nutritional Supplement

Strontium Supplement for Bone Health

Strontium is an alkaline earth metal which is present in bones in a very trace amount. Taking strontium supplements is gaining popularly today after the finding that, it helps to improve the bone health and reduces the chance of osteoporosis in people.

Strontium is usually obtained through natural food and water as it is naturally present in the soil. But due to mass commercialization of farming practices, the traces of strontium are depleted from soil and hence the plant food and water has lesser quantity of the element than needed by the body, hence calling for a supplementation.

Benefits of Strontium Supplement

Just a very less amount of Strontium is needed in the diet and adequate amount of element in ones diet can add to the bone and teeth health of the person. Strontium taken as a supplement can reduce the chance of osteoporosis and also reduce the risk associated with it, it also sees to the general bone health of the people.

Taking Strontium supplement are also found to decrease the occurrence of dental cavities and lowers the bone pain associated with certain cancerous lesion.

Who can benefit from taking the supplement

Post menopausal women who take strontium supplement are found to have higher bone density and lesser bone related problems or fracture. Similarly, people suffering from osteoporosis or having a chance of the disease, benefit from taking strontium supplement. It can also help to improve the general bone and teeth health in people.

Side Effects of Strontium Supplement

Over dosage or excessive use of strontium supplements can lead to certain side effects like osteomalacia caused due to improper mineralization of the bone. Large dose of the mineral supplement is also found to cause diarrhoea in certain cases.

Patient suffering from kidney problem are usually advised against taking the supplement. Same way, pregnant women and those having any other prescribes medicine should consult a doctor before they start on a strontium supplement.

Strontium Supplement Dosage

A single strontium capsule (340 mg) intake is recommended daily in the morning for a few weeks or as directed by the physician.