6 Simple Tips To Stop A Toddler From Biting

Biting is a general problem in toddlers. As they grow they get teeth coming in their mouth. They always rotate their tongue over them and bite inside the mouth. Here are some ways through which one can prevent the toddlers from biting and remove this bad habit from them.

1. Keeping a Check: Whenever you feel that your child is biting always intervene and check the triggers that he shows. This way you can prevent the kid from swallowing the teeth in their stomach. Always keep an eye on the activities of the toddler. They do it when they are alone. When they are in a large group chances are higher of biting and parents need to be very careful.

2. Guide them not to do this: One way is to teach the toddler that this is wrong and it can create problem for them. Speak them some strict words like “Don’t bite” “This is wrong” and instruct them not to repeat this. This way they will feel some fear and understand that biting is a bad habit which needs to be get rid of. Next time they will lower the activity.

3. Give them Alternatives: When the child is developing the habit of biting the parents must try to give them some alternatives to distract them into a positive direction. Never scold or slap the toddler when she bites. It can create a negative impact in their personality. They must be handled with love and care to remove this wrong habit.

4. Appreciate the Improvements: When the child is biting you or others try to tell them way to this bad habit. When the toddler is start leaving this habit of biting, praise him for the good efforts. Give them their favorite food items as reward. It will create reinforcement for the good habits of not biting at times. They will feel motivated as if they have achieved something and follow the further instructions with utmost attention.

5. Have Supervision: One way is to give a proper supervision to the toddler for removal of biting habits. Whenever the kid is trying to bite something give a firm look at him but do not take any physical action against them. He will feel that it is a wrong deed that is why mother is staring at me. This supervision will condition in the toddler in such a way that next time when he feels like biting, he will remember the incidence. It can lower the biting phenomenon in the toddlers.

6. Tell them to convey their feelings: When the toddler has come to normal mood tell them to express his feeling in other ways. Calm them down and try to understand their feelings. Make them understand that this is very painful way to tell their things. Inform them that if they will bite, nobody will like to come close to them. They can lose the attention and love from people. This way they will understand that biting can create big problems in their life and they will strive to remove this habit.