Alicia Keys Makeup Tips

Alicia Keys Makeup Tips

Alicia Keys is a well known celebrity in the music world. She has taken the music world by storm by giving only the best. Keys had blended hip-hop and R&B very well which has a touch of originality. She has her own unique style and is known for her elegant look. There are many young girls and women who would like to imitate her style.

This urban beauty is very stylish and sophisticated. In a short span of time Alicia Keys has grown in popularity. Other than men who love her look, even women are crazy to have her style. Keys is very comfortable in her own skin and when it comes to her beauty and style, she can carry it off well. Below are a few tips to help you have her style.

Alicia Keys Makeup

The main highlighting features of Alicia keys look are her eyes. If you observe her, you would notice that she plays up with her eyes as this is the enhancing feature of her face. Keys has beautiful eyes and she has tried from the Cleopatra look to the most exotic look. Therefore, if you would want to try Alicia Keys makeup, you need to know a few things. 

Step 1- Select makeup products that Alicia Keys uses for her makeup. She makes sure that she highlights her best features which are her eyes.
Step 2- If you observe Alicia Keys makeup, you will notice that eyeliner is the main makeup tool. Therefore, to achieve this look, use liquid eyeliner and a very fine tip brush. Though black eyeliner is her favorite color, you can use brown as well which looks equally good
Step 3- The color of the eyeliner depends on the shade of eye shadow you would use. To get the exact look, dip the fine tip brush in the liquid eyeliner. Before you apply it on your eyelids try it on your hand to know the thickness.
Step 4- Once you get the desired fine line; apply it on your upper eyelid which should be close to your eyelashes. Then apply a fine line on your lower eye lid starting from the corner of the eyes and moving outwards. To get the cat eye look, the eyeliner should go a little beyond your eyes. Make sure that it points upwards.
Step 5- Alicia Keys uses earthy shades of eye shadows. Shades like moss-green and taupe look simple great. These colors look suit for a day look. When it comes to an evening look she mostly uses shimmering silver eye shadow.
Step 6- If you want to try the smoky look, then with a brush apply silver sheen evenly over your upper eyelids and add a touch of dark shade over the crease. After this apply a fine line of eyeliner. Complete the look with a coat of mascara on the upper and lower eyelashes.
Step 7- Alicia Keys has a smooth and flawless complexion, therefore all she does is highlights her face with sheer foundation. This gives an even tone to the skin. You can go for a matt finish as this looks great. Apply some sheer with the help of a sponge to get a smooth and radiant look.
Step 8- Apply some powder blush to get the smooth velvety look. Remember that the powder blush has to be a shade darker than your actual skin tone. Finish the look by applying a shade of light pink lipstick with a touch of gloss to give the shine.