Stages of Twin Pregnancy

First Stage of Twin Pregnancy (4-8 Weeks Pregnant)

Several women are surprised to discover that they are carrying twins! By four weeks, your growing twin babies will be seen on ultrasound as two tiny gestational sacs. During this period, the baby's brain, heart, kidney, bladder, spine, kidneys, and reproductive systems are all beginning to grow. 

First Visit to Doctor

During your first visit to your doctor you will generally be visiting to assure you are expecting. Address any queries or worries that you have; you may find it helpful to note these down prior to your visit. They may also do some tests which may include: 

  • Blood pressure and important signs 

  • Physical exam-heart, breasts, lungs, stomach, and pelvic 

  • Family Background questionnaire 

  • Urine Test 

  • Blood Test

Second Stage of Twin Pregnancy (8-12 Weeks Pregnant)

The embryonic span is completed after week 12 and the embryological system is over. Your developing twins still have to develop to complete a full cycle. During this time kidneys, intestines etc. of your babies are taking shape. At 8 weeks every baby is nearly four centimeters long and weighs one gram. By twelve weeks they become doubled i.e. nine centimeters long and have grown to almost 20 grams!

Third Stage of Twin Pregnancy (12-16 Weeks Pregnant)

At twelve weeks each of your babies will weigh almost 20 grams. Nevertheless the babies do not have any apparent movement yet, if viewed on ultrasound you will observe reflexive motions. By 16 weeks the twins can weigh nearly 120 grams! 

Fourth Stage of Twin Pregnancy (16-20 Weeks Pregnant)

This is the halfway through your pregnancy! Your babies are gradually growing at an amazing speed! After week 20, each baby will be of 7.5 inch person! This is a magical month as most women will feel the movements of the baby now! Both babies are capable enough to producing their own amniotic fluid, whereas the placenta was performing this task till now. The layer between the two babies is very thin but can be clearly viewed on ultrasound. They can not see or hear now but researchers say that the babies are aware of each other at this point. 

Fifth Stage of Twin Pregnancy (20-24 Weeks Pregnant)

At 20 weeks, your babies will weigh almost one pound each! By 24 weeks, they would have gained half pound and have developed to 12 inches long! The babies will have produced some fat within the skin. Lanugo-soft hair will cover their skin at this point of development. The babies are also beginning to be engulfed with a cheesy material called the vernix caseosa covering. The twins will be in continuous touch and kick at one another for area. Their legs will be lifted up to their chest and the feet are snuggled under their bottoms. They also stretch their hands and legs and move around.

Sixth Stage of Twin Pregnancy (24-28 Weeks Pregnant)

Around 24 weeks, the babies will reach the stage of viability. If born at this stage, there is a 90% probability of survival with medical assistance. During these four weeks, the babies will gain twice their weight and by week 28 they weigh around 3 pounds and each will be nearly 15 inches long. The babies are beginning to get further pigment in their skin and continue to grow hair and facial features. Your babies can open and close their eyes now. Babies will begin to react to sound in this month. 

Seventh Stage of Twin Pregnancy (28-32 Weeks Pregnant)

By 32nd week each baby will weigh nearly four pounds. In fact, twins are growing the same rate as single babies at this stage of the pregnancy. You should be accustomed with their type of movement, although it is not that powerful. It is difficult to ascertain which baby is which. Some mothers can figure out when their babies have the hiccups. The babies are gaining a lot of fat now, which is essential after birth to maintain temperature. During this phase, the head will be more prominent and grown up to the body. Except lungs, all other organs and systems are functional at this stage.

Eighth Stage of Twin Pregnancy (32-36 Weeks Pregnant)

In this month the babies are not able to develop as much now due to lack of enough room. However, they are surviving on their mother's diet to assist them put on the final layer of fat. Both the babies will gain about 5 pounds by this time. If born now, they may have to spend time in the intensive care unit until they acquire a healthy weight. 

Your doctor may fix a delivery date if you require a caesarean section delivery. Otherwise, you can wait until your water breaks or you start having contractions. Your doctor will be performing pelvic exams to analyze what pattern of progress your cervix is displaying. Several women will deliver around this period, while others may wait a little longer. 

Ninth Stage of Twin Pregnancy (36-40 Weeks Pregnant)

Approximately all women carrying twins deliver by this time as de facto mothers carrying twins generally do not remain pregnant as long as those women carrying single child. Try to enjoy the last week, as you will soon be deprived of the feeling of being pregnant.