Spotting during Pregnancy

What is Spotting during Pregnancy

Light bleeding or spotting is a very common happening during pregnancy. It is at times regarded as not so serious condition and it happens due to many physiological reactions in a woman’s body during the pregnancy. Some might get confused with spotting during pregnancy from bleeding. The later of the two is more serious and requires immediate medical attention while the former is normal and varies in colour from light red, red, pink to brown which is usual the colour of the blood when it gets dried up.


During the three months of the pregnancy spotting is very common; some people may regard this as nothing but common sightings of this stage. There are endless reasons for the cause of spotting during pregnancy and some of them are stated below:


  • Increase in the blood supply to the cervix that is the blood supply to primary internal organs of the pregnant women and this increase leads to the leak out to the linings of the cervix thus causing a scant bleeding.

  • It is also caused by the after effect of Pap smear examination, sexual intercourse or due to an internal activity that causes the destruction of internal lining of the cervix. For some implant patients spotting is expected to occur during the first week of fertilization.

  • Spotting during pregnancy can also be caused due to the action taken by the dividing fertilized egg cells when they cling on to the walls of the uterus, the organ in which the fetus is been developed and nourished and it also undergoes some development. This type of slow and soft bleeding will last for about a day or two but it may get extended for five six days. If such situation builds up it is recommended to immediately consult a doctor.

  • Spotting during pregnancy may also occur due to vaginal infections. Vaginal infection may be caused to a non pregnant woman too. It happens due to the sexually transmitted disease that may cause Vaginitis or Bacterial Vaginoisi to occur.

  • Other causes of spotting during pregnancy are herpes, simplex, gnorrhea and Chlamydia as these may irritate or damage the lining of cervix and thus causes spotting.

Spotting during Pregnancy

Spotting during pregnancy can give rise to some complication and risk in pregnancy. It can be very dangerous if it lasts for more than a week. For most of the women spotting gives a hint for an early onset of an abnormal pregnancy or miscarriage. Along with the signs of spotting other indication can also be seen such as dispersed bouts of abdominal pain and frequent cramps.

During this stage of pregnancy if spotting lasts for a week or more than that then it would be advisable that ultrasound and series of other laboratory test may be carried out by your OB so that the safety of the unborn child in your womb in ensured also about your health the doubts will be cleared.


Most of the woman who experience advance spotting or bleeding easily miscarriages and the ones who continue their pregnancy experience some other sever complication.Though there are huge advanced technologies still most of the doctors are unable to find the exact reason behind the cause of spotting during pregnancy. While many of us stay concerned on our daily activities and we tend to ignore spotting as a minor problem this in turn endanger the health of the unborn child.

Thus it is well advised and recommended to consult the doctor, medical practitioner or specialist so that they can look closely for the cause of spotting during pregnancy and accordingly will advice you some activities that will lessen the chances of any kind of complications or risks due to spotting.