Spiritual Well Being

Well being is a term that embraces both physical and mental health. Spirituality binds all these aspects together. Hence spiritual well being is of utmost importance and is essential to guides us through the thick and thin of life.

10 Tips For Spiritual Well Being


Choose a spiritual path you want to practice and read as much as you can about it. See how much of this information you can incorporate in your life, one at a time.


Whatever the practice, meditation is universal, and takes your mind through a journey into oneself. Practicing meditation for at least 15 minutes a day will lead you to calm.

Observe Silence:

For at least 10 minutes in the day, keep silence, without speaking to anyone or thinking about anything in particular. This will refresh your mind and you will realize the voice outside of you.

Believe in the Soul:

If you believe that you are a soul in a physical compartment then you will free your spirit easily and change your view towards many things in life.


Once every while, look into yourself and understand your feelings and emotions. If you know what you are made of then it is easy to retain or change the quality and become a better human being. This is probably the first step to spirituality.

Overcome Your Wants:

Many people use want and need synonymously. However, they are diagonally opposite terms where needs encloses the three basic requirements for survival namely, food clothing and shelter. Wants are everything beyond this. If you reduce the “I Want” quality in your life, then you will aim for something beyond just satisfying your material needs/wants. That is spirituality.

Balanced Diet and Exercise:

One might wonder what it has to do with spirituality. But research has proved that a without a healthy physique one cannot aim at becoming spiritual. It instills the discipline that most of us lack. A disciplined life is one of the foremost steps to spiritual well being. That is why fasting is one of the common practices in most religions and spiritual practices.

Be Positive:

A person who is not positive cannot aim at spiritual well being. The effects of spirituality are like evolution – slow, steady and inevitable. If you are not positive, then you cannot observe spiritual change in you.

Be Thankful:  

Do not fail to thank the cosmos for all that it has bestowed on you.

Develop Spiritual Qualities: 

Some qualities are the crux of spirituality – patience, benevolence and consideration to name a few. It is important to cultivate and improve on them.