Special Effect Makeup For A Spooky Look

Makeup has many variations. There are different makeup styles that one try to suit the occasion. Makeup can be done to beautify oneself or to give a special effect to anything. The kind of makeup that is done should suit the season and the occasion. 

Special effect makeup has become quite popular. In this, there are different styles that a makeup artist uses, aging, bruises, monsters, fantasy creatures, blood and so on. Makeup is an art and just a few people can master it. 

Special effect makeup has been used in movies like ‘Lord of the Rings: Trilogy’ where the character Hobbits has pointed ears, a strange face and body. This character looks like a strange creature from some planet. Take another movie for example like ‘The Nutty Professor’ where Rick Baker imagines all the other characters.   Therefore without the special effect makeup all these would not be possible. If you are ready for something like this then be prepared to spend lots of time as this kind of makeup is very time consuming. 

Tips for a Special Effect Makeup

Theme- Take a theme or a character and start working on it. You can also refer to a character from your favorite movie or a book. Since its Christmas season you can pick an elf as one of the character that you would want to look like.

Character- Elves are short and tiny people with long ears. These elves also have special power and they are known to be Santa Clause’s helpers.

Makeup Style- This is where the special effect makeup can be used. Take some cake makeup and apply it over your face, neck and ears. The cake makeup is available in many brands in the market. Do not apply the cake makeup on your eyebrows. With the cake makeup you would also be able to make fine lines or wrinkles on your face. Do this with a fine tipped brush. 

With the help of a small paint brush this can be applied. Now the next step is to fix the elf ears, so with the help of special glue put a few drops of this on the artificial ears. As you put the glue on the elf ears, gently spread it with your finger tips and attach it to your own ears. Take some makeup proof and dip it in charcoal powder. Apply this powder on your face, neck and ears.

It may take a lot of time to get the exact color, so you may have to apply several coats of this powder. 

Next, dip a fine tip brush in white powder and shade your eyebrows with it. This will help you to lighten the color. You can now attach the beard to your chin with the help of a hairspray. To get an elf-like look, use silver or a white mascara on your eyelashes. Color your lips with eye crayon and then apply a light pink lipstick on it. 

Now you are ready with the elf look. Special effect makeup if done well looks great and you can get the desired result.