Advantageous Soy Protein Powder and Supplement with Less Side Effects

Soy protein powder is a protein powder prepared from soy bean. Soy bean is first dried, hulled and ground into powder form. From this powder, major portion of fats and carbohydrates are removed to obtain the final product, the soy protein powder. As the name indicates, the soy protein powder is rich in protein content and hence it can be included in diet as a rich source of protein. It is very useful for vegetarians who lacks proteins especially those from milk and meat sources in their diet.

One of the great benefits of soy protein powder is that it is easily digestible. It can be taken by mixing with water or any other drink. Soy protein powder is used in some food items like soups, cheese, pastas, breads etc. Apart from this, it is also used for salad dressing, in baby foods etc.

Health Information on Soy Protein Powder Supplement

As the soy protein powder contains all the essential amino acids required for human growth and development, it is considered as a complete protein. According to the U.S department of agriculture, one ounce or 28 grams of soy protein powder contains a total of 96 calories. Total fat present in one ounce of soy protein powder is 0.8 g out of which 0.7 is unsaturated and the rest 0.1 includes saturated fat.  It is devoid of cholesterol. The total carbohydrate level in one ounce is 2.1 g of which 1.6 g includes dietary fiber and the total protein level is 22.8g. One ounce of soy protein powder also contains 284 mg sodium, 5% calcium and 23% iron.

Soy Protein Powder Supplement Benefits

Following are some of the most important health benefits of soy protein powder:

  • It helps in adding up one of the macro nutrients-protein to the diet.

  • It is a best protein supplement for body builders and athletes.

  • It plays a great role in reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood.

  • It helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases.

  • Many components of Soy protein powder have proven to have good antioxidant property.

  • It also helps in reducing the risk of cancer especially breast cancer and prostate cancer.

  • It helps in increasing bone strength and proven to be effective in preventing osteoporosis.

  • In elderly women going through menopausal stage, it helps in reducing the symptoms related to it.

Soy Protein Powder Supplement Side Effects

Soy protein powder does not have any side effect as such, but its excess consumption may cause damage to the kidney which in turn leads to increased acidity and severe pain due to kidney stone. Some people may have allergy towards some of the components of soy protein powder resulting in some allergic reactions.