L Methionine Nutritional Supplement

Facts About L Methionine

L Methionine is an essential amino acid. The cells use it to synthesize proteins. The body cannot synthesize L Methionine and it must be consumed from external sources.

L Methionine is found in Brazil nuts, fish, meats, cereal grains, sesame seeds, oats, peanuts, chick peas, corn, almonds, egg chicken, and wheat germ.  Most fruits and vegetables contain very little amount of L Methionine.

Benefits of L Methionine Supplement

Methionine supplies sulfur to the human body. This is required for both metabolism and growth.

Sulfur is needed for healthy muscles, tendons and ligaments. The body needs sulfur to sustain healthy hair, skin, and nail growth. Sulfur also reduces both liver and fat cholesterol, protects the kidneys, and prevents bladder infection by stopping ammonia growth in urine.

L Methionine is needed to make SAMe – S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine. SAMe or Sammy as it is known can help fight depression, liver disease and osteoarthritis pain.

Who can benefit from taking L Methionine

L methionine is used by the body to make creatine, another type of amino acid. Creatine, is made by the body with the help of L Methionine causes the body to lose weight.   

Methionine supplements may assist in AIDS treatments. They may also help patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

L Methionine supplements help women on oral contraceptives by promoting the excretion of excess estrogen from the body. They are also useful for women suffering from recurrent urinary tract infections.

L methionine supplements are also good anti-oxidants. The sulfur supplied by L methionine will neutralize free radicals.

Side Effects of L Methionine Supplement

There are hardly any side effects of using L Methionine supplements. However, if you notice nausea, vomiting or other gastrointestinal disturbances, discontinue using L Methionine and contact your health care provider. It is also advisable to contact a doctor if you are already on prescription drugs.

Dosage of L Methionine Supplement

You can take between 800 and 1000 mg of L methionine per day, depending on your body weight.