Soul Urge Numbers

The Soul Urge or as it is synonymously called, the heart’s desire; plays a significant role in influencing numerology. In simple words, it is known as the craving, want and extreme dislike a person possesses.

How to know your Soul Urge Number?

The Soul Urge Number is a collaboration of the vowels (A, E, I, O and U) in the full name just like the name mentioned on birth certificate. The sum of the alphabets of a name is calculated and exchanged with numbers after which it is deduced down to a single number alternatively known as the master number. This master number is Soul Urge Number. This number symbolizes on what people treasure most in their life regardless of the life path.


Soul Urge Number 1 indicates that people of this number desire to lead and direct in life. They like to work independently without any supervision from higher authority or subordinates. They love to be recognized for the abilities possessed. People of this number  are always in search of a platform to showcase their strength and worth, and always on a go to invent. They often leave the minute though important details for others in aspiration to handle big and main issues. The person of this number is honest and loyal by character. The negative trait Soul Urge Number 1 people possess is that they have a dominant nature and are bossier at home, spouse, family and even business. People with excess of 1 energy might sometimes turn bigheaded and egoistic. Bragging, a critic all-the-time and turning impatient may lead to trifles.


People with Soul Urge Number 2 concentrate on friendship and partnerships. They love cooperatively contributing their work in a team though leadership is not a trait they are keen to follow. People with this number are always on a lookout for a harmonious atmosphere and work hard to maintain healthy relations with sensitive and genial people. 2 Soul Urge Number people have a sympathetic nature which makes them intensely caring and motivated. People of this number possess very convincing nature although making sure to never be forceful. If this number is over-accentuated as per their nature, it makes them way too sensitive with a handle-with-care ego that is easy to harm. People of this number are too weak to handle and laid-back in approach, though for their own good.


People with Soul Urge Number 3 have an attitude of enjoying life to the fullest. They love to make friends and believe in maintaining a happy social life. An attention-seeker they are. They always like to showcase their artistic and scholarly side. People with this number are good at playing with words often in speaking, writing, acting and singing. They are highly determined and motivated in approach making it rather tuff for people who try to bring them down. 3 Soul Urge Number people are spontaneously shrewd and possess an inspirational attitude. 3 Soul Urge Number people sometimes tend to become overly laid-back and optimistic to the core resulting in achieving too little. People of this number are chatter-boxes. Highlighting of the faults they possess does really turn them off.


4 Soul Urge Number people strive hard to attain a stable life which makes them pursue a disciplined and systematic approach in things they do. These people love to serve society in a meticulous and hard-working manner. They like being associated with well-planned activities and possess a conventionally solid approach. People of this number possess a responsible, trust-worthy and pragmatic nature. 4 Soul Urge Number people have a clear mind and can see though the toughest of situations though their analytical nature. 4 Soul Urge Number people are inflexible, head-strong and narrow-minded. They are not-so-good at expressing their feelings or are confused with their own feelings. Being rigid and mulish has caused them harm. Rather focusing on the big thing ignoring the minute details has fetches them good. To be free in approach and thinking to try something new once in a while is good


5 Soul Urge Number people like to live life the exciting way. They are adventurous by nature and love surprises. They love to live in the present without being tensed about the future. This might project them as outward and unmotivated. People of this number are very versatile and good at imagination. 5 Soul Urge Number people fall for the fast paced. Being impatient at times doesn’t suit them. At times they are bored of the regular work they do, that makes them switch between activities without completing even one. People possessing this number do not stick to one relationship making it impossible to commit to one person.


6 Soul Urge Number is responsible, friendly, loving and affectionate in nature and they love to receive accolades for the same. Their priority is their home and family. Few people tend to perceive people of this number in a diplomatic manner but they cover it up with the innate skills they have. Their friendly nature helps them work in a group rather than all by themselves. With the helping nature they possess, they tend to incline towards serving the society. Though these qualities are good to possess, care should be taken in matter of helpful nature since it has the chances of being seen as interference. Rendering help to others is good but not at the cost of sacrificing their own demands.


Number 7 people love book-lovers. These people are dreamers by nature and like to be in solitude often to stay away from the hustle-bustle of noisy world to pave way for their idealistic understandings. Although succeeding in business is not their forte’, they love to play with their ideas rather than putting effort in physical activities. 7 Soul Urge Number people are introverts and do not open up easily in social gatherings leaving them with handful of friends. People of this number do not accept changes or new people soon.


8 Soul Urge Number people are bossy and business-minded and hence willingly take up challenges. Power, success and status hold an important position in their life along with supreme position to materialistic things. Their confidence, energy and goal in life help ease their work. Number 8 people have a great control on their mind over emotions. The judgmental nature they have makes them lead and not follow. They love being recognized for their planning abilities. People of this number are often seen to be strong-headed and dominating.


9 Soul Urge Number people are philanthropists. Sympathy, affection, love and generosity earns them friendship of many. Their open approach towards life and motivation inspires many. A self-sacrificing person of this nature gives away without restraint and not worried about expecting any return. Their sensitive nature helps convey their emotions. People of this nature often combat between higher plan and personal goals. Imperfection in self and others as well turns them off.


11 Soul Urge Number people possess a match between thinking and interests often in abstract, sacred and utopian dreams. People of this number are attracted towards optimistic ideas. People of this number are helping natured, not in terms of commodity, but rather in religious or spirituality wise. 11 Soul Urge Number people are not so good in practical terms. The combat between their belief of right and wrong often makes them inflexible in approach. Over-thinking about sacred matters may cause nervous tension. Avoid being too sensitive and emotional for this will hold back all the more and lead to increased nervousness.


22 Soul Urge Number people love to utilize their abilities by social help. These people are good as builders, engineers and diplomats. They believe in contributing their part to the world. People of this number have a practical and sensible approach. The high intelligence and knowledge they possess recognizes their leadership abilities and they gain respect for their forethought. Avoid being domineering. Many people of this number fail to utilize the number 22 energy but making use of it will prove to be beneficial.