Some of Most Popular Long Hair Braids

Long hair Braids and hair weave styles have got a worldwide popularity. Black and Long hair braids are acknowledged to be the latest cool trend, which is probably why; these long hair braids are being flaunted at every possible occasion.

Styling for long hair braids can never be too tough, as it appears. Natural black hair can look shining, sizzling and ravishing when styled correctly. Long hair braids can be dressed up with twists and turns or created in layers for curls. Straight, black long hair braids can turn many heads even if it is done into a simple ponytail and decorated with a rhinestone pin.

In addition to the conventional styles, long black hair can also be done into long hair braids. Black braided hairstyles are ideal for long black hair and can be flaunted by schoolgirls to even the teenagers who are out at the disc.

Black Long Hair Weave Styles

Women with natural black hair spent time and resources to style their hair in the best possible manner. Black braided hairstyles and long hair braids not only enable the wearer establish a cool fashion statement but are also easy to maintain. The only hitch that may be encountered during forming long hair braids is the time factor. Black long hair braids may usually take a few minutes or often hours, depending on the complexity of the hair braids.

Normal Black long Hair Braiding

When you wish to go in for long hair braids make sure you have properly washed and cleaned your hair. The braids are done once the hair is segregated into three sections. This process is carried on till the desired length of the hair. While dividing the hair into three sections, also ensure that the hairdresser retains an equal quantity to fasten for the three sections. This is very important as an improper balance in the tightness of the parts can result in wrong appearance of the long hair braids. There is a lot of twisting of the hair hence it may be a bit tough to keep the hair flat.

The black long hair braids can couple with chignons, buns, twists or can be simply left loose. Black braided hairstyles and long hair braids can also look fabulous with the combination of trinkets, beads, flowers, pearls, colorful bands or often multicolored string.

Micro Black Long Hair Braiding

This style is most popular amongst the African American women and has now acquired a worldwide momentum. Micro braiding your hair is also one of the latest trends in long hair braiding styles. To micro braid your hair, you need to first see the strength of the hair. If your hair is not that strong and tends to break easily, then it is advisable not to wear long hair braids. Micro black long hair braiding is performed with the help of incorporating fibers or even hair weaving. It is the modern trend amongst braiding hairstyles. You can find over 1000 eye-catching and mesmerizing micro black long hair braid and weave styles that will send your mind in a tizzy.

Micro hair braids is performed netting your hair into thin long braids. These thin strands of hair braids need special attention and care. Generally women choose micro hair braids as it is simple to maintain and also allows the faster re-growth of hair.

Long Hair Braids - Cornrow

One of the safest and widely accepted forms of micro hair braiding is the cornrow. Long hair braids can never be complete without cornrows. Cornrows are very appealing and are sported by several celebrities across the world. For African American hair, the length needed for this trendy cornrow look is about 5 cms. To guard your cornrows you can facilitate a silk pillowcase. You can even cover your head with a scarf prior to going to bed at night.

Enhancement of Long Hair Braids

Long hair braids can also be enhanced with the assistance of hair extensions or hair weaving. Hair weaving is the process of adding hair to the scalp along with human hair or even synthetic hair. The process is done by weaving the hair as close to the hairline of the hair. Hair extensions are facilitated to offer your hair added denseness and extra length. Available in diverse colors and textures, these are incorporated to the hair in several ways. You can sew, weave, glue or even braid the false hair with your natural black hair.

In black hair weave styles, the original hair is braided along the scalp. This is performed in a horizontal line. The synthetic hair extensions are sewed onto to the braids using heavy weaving thread. The hairstylist has to comb the natural hair into the extensions for right fusion. This form of weave style seeks planning in advance to ascertain the amount of the hair to be weaved. Hair weaving should be done with lot of care and it is imperative to apply oil around the braids to prevent the hair from breaking.


When you are exploring the long hair braided hairstyles and black hair weave styles, make sure you go to a professional to acquire the appealing look.