Solitaire Engagement Rings

Solitaire engagement rings have been around for a long time and are a classic to present to that special person with whom you spend lifetime.  Solitaires are statement piece and showcase the stone.  There are limitless possibilities in the choice of stones and metals.

Things to Consider

The size of the stone, the width of the band and the shape of the hand are important.  A narrow band gives a delicate look and also makes the stone look larger.  This suits most people.  Wider bands offer more options by way of stability and look better on men’s hands.  Platinum or white gold offer a cool, elegant look.  Yellow gold makes a stone stand out.


Round stones are the most freely available and used in Solitaire engagement rings.  They are available in different sizes and this helps to keep the price down too.  People are now opting for unusual cuts in stones like Oval cut, Marquis, Pear shaped stones, Heart shapes, emerald cut, princess cut, cushion cut to name a few.  Larger and colored stones are less common and they cost a lot more.
By choosing a solitaire setting, you can rest assured that beauty and elegance are given their due. You can even be sure to declare your feelings with panache.  There are several styles in stones, settings and metals to choose from.  Here are some ideas to consider before you start shopping for your solitaire engagement rings.

Stone Size

these range from 1 carat to any carat size you can afford. 


One can choose any stone for an engagement ring.  Most chose diamonds but some people pick birth stones as a choice of centerpiece.  Of late, celebrities have been picking unusual stones like yellow and chocolate diamonds, which are very rare, to present to their fiancées to show how they feel.


People are now opting for white gold and platinum over yellow gold.  White gold and platinum bring out the beauty and fire in diamonds.  Bezel and prong settings are some of the choices available.

All Jewelry stores offer certificates of authenticity with their products.  Make sure that you get one – it is very important to know that your stone is genuine as it is a lifetime investment.

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